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Another exciting week of metasfresh ERP development is behind us. This week we were focussed on implementing the manufacturing functionality in WebUI. Additionally we finished most of the Vendor Return and disposal Implementation in Swing Client. This Functionality will be transferred to the Web User Interfase as soon as possible.
Last but not least we mad a big progress in transferring existing windows and functionality from java Swing Client to the ReactJS Web User Interface.

That was an awesome job again, contributors! Thanks a lot for your participation and effort.

Thanks a lot to all contributors!
Our Release 5.8 is ready and free to use. Get it now.

Have you ever thought about participating in an Open Source Community Project like ours? Don’t hesitate to come in and join us at metasfresh. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #796 Fact Account WebUI Window Readonly

    Including the Fact Account window to WebUI.

  • #886 Make payment callouts work in webui

    Implementation in WebUI to also allow the Payment Callouts there.

  • #1315 2D Barcode wit ad_table_id/ record_id on bestellkontrolle

    Add a 2D Barcode to each line of Order control report for manufacturing and logistics. This Barcode will be used in manufacturing to scan and trigger the manufacturing Order issue/ receipt record and workflow.

  • #1362 Activate auto numbering for incoming and outgoing payments

    Adjusting the Document Type setting for incoming and outgoing payment Documents. Now allowing the Document No. to be automatically create taken from Document sequences in WebUI.

  • #1369 Translate request type to de_DE Vorgang Art

    Adding the Translation of Request Type in webUI for language en_US.

  • #1398 Take out "New" in C_DocTypeTarget_ID in PP_Order

    Adjusted the behavior of Manufacturing Order Document when manually created. Taken out the Document Target “New”, which only confuses user when selectable.

  • #1399 DocumentNo not generated for PP_Orders in WebUI

    Adding Document No. control to all manufacturing Document Types.

  • #1400 DocumentNo not generated for empties in WebUI

    Adding the Document No. control to the empties return document.

  • #1401 Translate Process "New Request" to de_DE

    Translating the jump Navigation of “New Request” to de_DE.

  • #1403 technical: refactor TaxNotFoundException

    Technical Task to make the Tax selection easier and more robust in background implementation.

  • #1405 Adjust Empties Return Window to mandatory field grouping layout

    Adjusting empties Return Window to mandatory Field primary layout.

  • #1408 Create the WebUI Layout for Material Candidates

    Creating the initial Layout for the Material Candidates Window in WebUI.

  • #1411 Possible 1:1 switch for Data Lifecycle Management users

    New feature to allow individual users to be switched on/ off for the Data Lifecycle Management functionality. Before it was only possible to switch all users on for the same environment.

  • #1418 Window for c_bank in WebUI

    Adding the Bank Master data window definition to WebUI.

  • #1424 Fresh Migration of WebUI Menu for rel. 5.8

    Building an updated menue in WebUI for Release 5.8

  • #1430 Window for c_conversion_rate in WebUI

    Adding the Currency Conversion rate window to WebUI.

  • #1432 technical: HUReportService shall work with AD_Process_ID instead of I_AD_Process

    Technical Task to improve performance and reduce possible caching issues.

  • #1435 Add method for Escaping '@' char, by replacing one @ with double @@

    Internal Implementation, allowing to escape @ characters.

  • #1438 Fix spring scanBasePackageClasses and introduce profiles

    Adjusting the spring boot configurations for the different metasfresh applications to allow a better maintenance.

  • #1442 Window for C_Doc_Outbound_Config in WebUI

    This new Window in WebUI allows to do the configuration of Outbound Documents.

  • #1444 Window for C_Doc_Outbound_Log in WebUI

    New Window for the maintenance of outbound Documents in webUI.

  • #1446 Add filter to currency conversion window in WebUI

    Adding Filter criteria to currency conversion window.

  • #1451 Add scale Price Tab in Window Product Price

    Adding the Scale Price Tab in Product Price Window on WebUI.

  • #1456 Translation of Initial Setup Wizard Process Window and Menu entry

    Translation of Initial Client Setup Added to WebUI Menu for language en_US

  • #325 make error message more clear when printing in receipt candidates

    Enhancing error messages in Printing Framework, now allowing to receive a helpful error message when printing fails.

  • #344 backend: Document references: group them by their top level menu

    New Layout feature in Document references for better visibility. Grouping the referenced in Sidelist via their top level (1 beneath root) Navigation node. This is the backend task, waiting for frontend implementation in the next week to visualize the reference results.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1044 System Elements w/ centrally maintained Y shall also migrate migration scripts for Translations

    Now allowing more efficient Translation creation. System elements with centrally maintained = ‘Y’ now also create migration scripts when adjusted.

  • #1353 Problem with C_Order filtering in M_ShipmentSchedule

    Fixes a Bug when filtering Document No. and more than 1 exact result is returned. Added validation rule to exclude Purchase Orders from Search.

  • #1440 ClassCastException: CompositeQueryFilter cannot be cast to SqlQueryFilter

    Fixes a Bug that was introduced in Data Lifecycle Task and caused a Null Pointer Exception in Doc Outbound eMail functionality .

  • #257 BPartner contact cannot be saved because mandatory field Name is not set

    Fixing a Bug that Business Partner record was not saved because mandatory name field was not set. Implemented a callout which builds the Name when the user changes Firstname or Lastname.

  • #333 HUs child and parent get separated when both selected on issue

    Fixes a Bug that seperated the Child-Parent-Handling Units of a Component when issueing to Manufacturing Order.

  • #339 Sales Order also show Purchase Orders

    Fixes a Bug that showed Purchase Orders also in the Sales Order Window.

  • #340 Manufacturing order: Prevent issuing VHUs which are not top level

    Fixing a Bug that did not handle Sub Handling Units correctly when selected during manufacturing Issue.

  • #341 Apply role permissions when browsing/editing data

    Fixes a Role Permission issue when browsing and editing data.

  • #342 Exception in WebUI when opening initial Doc Outbound window

    Fixes a Bug that occured when opeing the new Doc Outbound window in WebUI.

  • #345 Batch entry not working in order

    Fixes the Batch entry in Order Windows, which was nor working anymore due to internal error.

  • #346 Zoom into error

    Fixing the Zoom-Accross functionality via document references.

  • #675 Icons for manufacturing components

    Changing the icons for manufacturing element types in Action Issue and Receipt window on WebUI to allow a better visibility.

  • #697 New Businesspartner modal overlay cancel

    Including the cancel button in modal overlay of new Business Partner window.

  • #700 Typeahead not working in lookup filter parameters

    Fixing typahead fields/ dropdowns in process parameters, that were not working.

  • #701 "Filter" panel does not disappear

    Fixing a Bug that prohibited to close Filter panels without filling mandatory fields.

  • #702 Running a process from menu does not work, again

    Fixes the Process Panel issue when a Processes is started from menu. Now the panel is shown again.

  • #703 leave the page message on request modal

    Now its possible again to leave a fully recorded request modal overlay without receiving a question about saving.

  • #704 request modal saving is loading 4 tabs

    Internal issue fixed, when saving the request modal overlay, loading multiple tabs.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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