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This week Release was focusing on small improvements, wished and awaited by many users. One of the main topics was creating and stabilizing the new Zoom-To functionality that is now available via the main view label-link Feature and now also available in included Tabs Grid View in table Cells. This allows the user a quick and seemless data browsing in different browser tabs and windows.

Great Job contributors!
Thanks a lot to all!
Our Release 5.11 is out now and free.

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We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1389 Make eMail adress fields longer

    Enhancing the lenght of the eMail address field in Business Partner Contact Window/ Tab. Allowing also to include multiple eMail Addresses semicolon seperated.

  • #1506 Add the possibility to track easily contracts that ended naturally

    New feature that adds more transparency to the contract management, allowing to easily track contracts that are resigned.

  • #1507 Add the possibility to close or not invoice candidates when canceling a contract

    New feature that prohibits invoice candidates to be invoiced after ther referenced contract has been terminated.

  • #1560 Add description fields to invoice window

    Adding the Prefix and Suffix Description Fields for Invoice Documents. These Fields allow the user to write an individual text that shall be shown in the beginning and at the end of an Invoice Doument.

  • #1577 Introduce /test/ping/notifications server troubleshooting endpoint

    Internal Issue adding a Testing possibility that checks if websockets is available after starting metasfresh.

  • #1584 New Window for Org in WebUI

    Adding a window that allows the maintenance of Organisations in WebUI.

  • #1585 New Window Client in WebUI

    Adding a window that allows the maintenance of Clients in WebUI.

  • #1586 New Window for OrgType in WebUI

    Adding a window that allows the maintenance of Organisation Type Settings in WebUI.

  • #1591 Password Field is missing in user window in WebUI

    Adding the Password Field in User Window of WebUI.

  • #1595 Translate Important Doc Types to en_US

    Translation for a subset of Document Types to Language en_US.

  • #1598 update jaxb maven plugin to 2.3.1

    Solves an internal issue updating the jaxb maven plugin to new version 2.3.1

  • #1602 Show manufactoring order documentno in production order overview

    Now the Manufacturing Order No. is shown in Grid overview

  • #1606 Add IsQualityReturnWarehouse flag to warehouse window WebUI

    Adding the new Field isQualityReturnWarehouse to Main View of Warehouse Window in WebUI.

  • #1609 Provide Basic Test config Data for manufacturing / production

    Includes some initial settings for manufacturing that provides a good starting point for new users in this topic.

  • #1612 New Window for Business Partner Group in WebUI

    Created a new Window in WebUI that allows different settings for Business Partner Groups.

  • #1614 New Window Attribute Set Instance in WebUI

    Adds the new Window for Attribute Set Maintenance to WebUI.

  • #1617 Check if imported esr file is v11 file

    Adding a consitency check in Swiss ESR File Processing, allowing to import files only w/ the defined format.

  • #1621 Adjustments of Pricelist window in WebUI

    Adjusting the Pricelist Window in WebUI, renaming Fields, Adding Translations, Order by Valid from in Subtab.

  • #1627 Adjustments of Business Partner window in WebUI

    Adjustments, Refining of Business Partner Window with Subtabs and new Fields.

  • #1628 Sales Order Window Advanced edit rearrangement

    Refining the Sales Order window for a better Layout and Look and Feel. Rearranging the Advanced edit to allow better visibility and navigation.

  • #1642 Column Resizing in Sales Order Grid View

    Finetuning in Sales Order Grid View, making important fields larger so their content is not cut off.

  • #1650 Resize Fields in Pricelist Window and Field and Layout adjustments

    Adding various widget sizes to fields shown in Grid View (Main and Subtab) to allow a better visibility, readability)

  • #396 Vendor Return Actions in WebUI

    Adding the Vendor Return Actions to WebUI Handling Unit Editor in Material Receipt.

  • New feature for Admins, allowing to change the size of widgets in grid view to allow a better distribution of columns on each data table.

  • #412 Provide API for sorting included tab

    Functionality that allows to define sorting critieria for included tabs.

  • #762 Empty Filter vs. Default Value in Window Filtering

    New Design and Functionality for the Filter Definition of Y/N Fields.

  • #763 grid: right click on a cell and zoom into

    New Zoom-To Functionality in grid rows, allowing the user to right click on a table cell and chose the zoom action. A new browser Tab is created with the referenced window and record.

  • #764 Long text boxes shall have a border around

    New Layout element for long text fields. These fields now have a surrounding visible border.

  • #765 Date + Time Info in Notification window

    Adds Date and Time Infomration as Tooltip Overlay in Notification window.

  • #772 automatic Column sizing not showing all text although space would be available

    Optimizing the Size mechanism für Window and Field Layout createn.

  • #778 Yellow pulse effect w/o data change

    Restricting the pulse effect only to changed data.

  • Adjusting API Calls, chinging used endpoints to avoid using deprecated ones.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1566 Invoicing problem with reversed inouts that have a quality discount

    Fix that solves an issue when processing Invoice candidates that are associated with inoutlines which are reversed and have a quclity discount recorded.

  • #1578 spring-boot services try to start local broker and fail

    Internal task that solves an issue with failing spring boot services.

  • #1607 DB Function dba_seq_check_native needs to explicitly work in public schema

    Fixes an issue in sequence generation, trying to create sequences in wrong, active db schemas.

  • #1615 Address lines is cut off on shipment jasper document

    Resizing and adjustments of Address lines in documents. Thanks to @thelightsense for reporting and testing

  • #1624 NPE when closing the pp_order

    Fixing a Bug that caused a Null Pointer Exception after closinf a manufacturing Order.

  • #1639 cannot complete distribution order

    Fixing a Bug that restricted the closing of Distribution Orders.

  • #378 Document changes: provide the validStatus and saveStatus only when changed

    Adjustments to the API of Documents, now prividing the validStatus/ saveStatus only when these are change.

  • #405 Backend shall provide JSON document fields indexed by field's name

    Internal Issue to improve performance using name indexed JSON document fields in Map.

  • #407 View filtering by virtual SQL column not working

    Fixing the usage of virtual columns in Filtering criteria.

  • #753 Location dropdown missing in Order windows

    Fixes the missing Dropdown List for Locations in combined Businesspartner Lookups.

  • #760 Fix the texts displayed while loading

    Optimizing the Text shown to the user when lazy loading actions and referenced.

  • #766 issue panel doesn't open

    Fixes a Bug in Manufacturing Action Issue and Receipt opening the Issue modal overlay.

  • #767 Got same notification several times

    Avoiding the creation of notifications multiple times.

  • #769 Honor tab stale flag also when editing in advanced mode

    Now honoring the stale flag of included tabs also in Advanced edit mode of main view.

  • Fixing an invalid GET after completing a sales Order.


In case you would like to learn more about the detailed functionalities of metasfresh ERP, then check out our fast growing Documentation. You can find it here:

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