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The time is running fast again. Another 2 weekes of development of new features is past and we’ve now released more than 80 new features and Bugfixes are done again. Contributors, that’s amazing.

One long awaited Feature in this week’s release is implemented. We rebuilt the combined Fields Functionality in our Web User Interface to allow a better transparency and efficient, assistant-like data recording with in these fields. This feature in another milestone in the development of our Web User Interface.

Thanks a lot to all contributors!
What an amazing job!
Our Release 5.12 is out now and ready to use!

Would you like to be part of our awesome and most active Open Source ERP Project and have fun dealing with complex business requirements but also on modern web technologies. Stop searching and join metasfresh. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meeting you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1239 Barcode on Bestellkontrolle report

    The Sales Order Control Report now has an included Barcode with Code39. Ist allows the users in Manufacturing to scan the control report and the Manufacturign Order is automatically opened, ready for action issue and receipt.

  • #1564 New Window for Packing Material in WebUI

    New Window that allows to maintain Packing Material in WebUI.

  • #1327 Do not display Destroyed HUs in Korrektur panel

    Refining the base Filtering of Handling Units in WebUI Handlign Unit Editot (here Correction Panel in material Receipt), now not showing destroyed Handling Units anymore.

  • #1334 Display created/ createdby in BusinessPartner contracts window

    New Fields Created, CreatedBy now added to the Business Partner contracts window.

  • #1518 Show currency from pricelist in pricelist / pricelist comparison Jasper

    Introduces the Currency information to the Pricelist comparison report.

  • #1564 New Window for Packing Material in WebUI

    New Window that allows to maintain Packing Material in WebUI.

  • #1599 Import full menu from w101

    Initial Import of the current full webUI Menu/ Sitemap.

  • #1619 Do not process reverse booking lines and improve esr import

    Improvement of the automatic processing workflow of payment imports in swiss ERS format.

  • #1641 New Tax Rate window in WebUI

    Adding the Tax Rate Window to WebUI.

  • #1644 Add email validator syntax

    Adding an eMail validator to metasfresh.

  • #1647 Rename Empties Return in language de_DE

    Translation of Emptires Return Window in WebUI. Renamed window, tab and menu entry.

  • #1654 Customer Returns Window in WebUI

    Creating the Customer Returns Window for WebUI. Adding to the menu.

  • #1659 Make verify BOM available in webUI

    Adding the verify BOM to WebUI, allowing the user to better maintain Bill of Material Configurations.

  • #1657 Initially set Date+Time Filters in WebUI

    Removing 2 Date Fields from Filter criteria in WebUI that did not have a perfect behavior when using combined filters.

  • #1661 make process field autocomplete in table and columns window

    Making the process & report fields autocomplete in table and columns configuration.

  • #1663 new order checkup jasper

    Creating a new Order control report that has a more compressed and focused view and reduces the amount of information to the most important.

  • #1665 Subtab Advanced Edit Configurations

    Migrating all Subtab UI Elements to show them in Advanced Edit, also swicthing the UI Element Group UI Styles to be not primary.

  • #1672 New Tax Category Window in WebUI

    New Window for the Tax Category Maintenance.

  • #1676 Payment Terms window in WebUI

    Adding the window Layout For Payment Term window in WebUI.

  • #1677 Adjustments to Product Window in WebUI

    Adjustments to Product Window, refining the Layout and Look&Feel of Fields in main View and Advanced Edit. Harmonizing to our current default Layout.

  • #1679 New Window for Country in WebUI

    New Window in WebUI allowing the maintaineance of Country, Regions and Cities

  • #1680 New Window or Request Type in WebUI

    Creation of the Window Layoutfor the Request Type Window in WebUI.

  • #1681 New Window for Standard Response in WebUI

    Creating a new window for Result Schema maintenence in WebUI which is available for the user via menu or zoom-to functionality from Request Window.

  • #1687 Refactor Request Tab in Partner Window to allow zoom and advanced edit

    Adjustments in Business window Subtab for Requests, now allowing the user the zoom-to Request Window and records directly.

  • #1701 Customer Return Window additional Fields

    Including new Fields to Customer Return Lines (QtyTU and HUPIProductItem).

  • #1705 Add Handling Unit Editor Window to WebUI Menu

    Adding the Handling Unit Editor to WebUI menu in Logistics group.

  • #1707 Add Handling Unit Assignment Tab to Customer Returns Window

    Adds the Handling Unitb Assignment Tab to the Customer Returns window, allowing the user to easily zoom-to and maintain the returned Handling Units.

  • Reusing the old “My Profile” Window for the new Avatar Settings screen in WebUI.

  • #1711 Support Product Search in window BOM

    Adding Filter and Search possibility to Bill of Material Window in WebUI

  • #1714 Add Validation Rule to Empties Return/ Receive M_Product_ID

    Changing the Validation Rule for the M_Product_ID in window Empties Return/ Receipt so only have the restrictions in this one specific case.

  • #1718 Fix BPartner Contact advanced edit layout

    Finetuning of the Business Partner Contact Subtab Layout.

  • #1722 New Window for Request Status in WebUI

    Creating the Request Status Window for WebUI and adding to menu.

  • #1723 Adjustments to Request Window in WebUI

    Rearrangements to Request Window in WebUI. Harmonizing Look & Feel to current Layout default.

  • #1729 Adjustments to window Product Category in WebUI

    Adjusting different windows to out default Layout and Look&Feel including Product Category, Unit of Measure and Attribute Window.

  • #1730 New Window for Discount Maintenance in WebUI

    New Window for Discount Maintenance in WebUI. Allowing to define flat discounts or discount Quantity breaks as Discount Schema.

  • Maintenance Issue, removing all UOM Conversions from Dicplay Logics (wasn’t used anywhere until now).

  • #376 Hide Roles on Logon that are not ideal for WebUI

    New feature, allowing to qualify certain Roles for Usage in Web User Interface.

  • #410 Provide view row field zoom-into endpoint

    New feature allowing to Zoom-To on included Subtab row level.

  • #413 Subtab Fields not shown in Advanced Edit although Displayed = 'Y'

    Now the Subtab Fields are shown in Advanced Edit mode when Displayed = ‘Y’.

  • #414 Referenced Windows for Subtab Records

    New Functionality to jump to referenced data from SUbtab rows. Opens a new browser Tab with the referenced window and record.

  • #415 Notification for Vendor returns jumps to wrong window

    New User Interface Functionality allowing to define different Window References for the same underlying table and therefor providing possibilities to zoom-to different windows with the same table depending on the business case.

  • #416 AD_UI_Section's Name and Description shall be translatable

    The Section Names for Fieldgroup creation are now translatable in WebUI.

  • #424 Implement picking window

    First prototype of the picking Terminal overview and selection screen in WebUI.

  • #425 API support for bookmarking menu items

    Adding the API Support for Menu entry bookmarks.

  • Clean-Up Issue/ Maintenance Task for JSOn Document eliminating the “fields” property.

  • #427 space in Lookup Field shall provide first dropdown results

    New Functionality in Lookup Fields. Just press space key and receive a list of first available selections.

  • #600 Lookup revamp – collective issue

    Completely redone lookup widget functionality in Web User Interface allowing to select elements of combined fields separately. Additionallly allowing a smooth and efficient assistant like workflow during data recording.

  • #681 KPI maximize w/ Data Table

    New Feature in metasfresh Dashboard now adding detail Datatables on which the KPI are based on.

  • The Dashboard now does sow “No data” instaead of error, when no Data is available.

  • Internal Task for changing API responses for single documents, vie data and Patches.

  • #781 Sorting of Included Tab columns

    Now it is possible to sort in Included Subtabs. Also possible now: Intial Order By criteria via Window Layout.

  • ”#789

    +e too many

    for scroll” title_color=”” text_color=”” graphic=”icon” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”hsl(88, 65%, 44%)” align_h=”left” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” child=”true” connector_width=”1px” connector_style=”dashed” connector_color=”#272727″ graphic_icon=”lightbulb-o”]Nice Usability Improvement for the keyboard Navigation in Advanced Edit Mode. Scroll w/ page-up/ page-down can be used directly after opening the Advanced Edit mode.

  • #790 Advanced edit section header for better structuring

    Adding the possibility to have Fieldgroups in WebUI Advanced Edit Windows.

  • #801 Included row: show row's references in context menu

    New Functionality allowing to jump to referenced from included Subtab Views.

  • #809 Kickstart Avatar button

    First prototype of the Avatar Button, moving the settings out of the main menu and incluing into Avatar and profile area.

  • Now setting the Language Header in API-calls correctly.

  • #820 Combobox's current value shall be selected by default in dropdown

    Opening a dropdown combo on a fields with existing value now initially selects the value in the dropdown list too.

  • #71 Describe how to update database in local dev env

    Thanks @daveyx


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1559 Minor Invoice Layout Issues

    Minor Adjustments in the Jasper Reports Layout of the invoice Print Format.

  • #1581 Changing the qty in PP_Order causes error

    Fixes a Bug that occurres when trying to change the quantity ordered in Manufacturing Order.

  • #1640 fix

    Maintenance & fix Issue for the prepare_services shell script.

  • #1656 No Packing Item in jaspers

    Hiding the Packing Material Names in Jasper Reports when its a “No Packing Item”.

  • #1712 Wrong Handling Unit Assignment in Shipment Schedule via aggregated Picking

    Provides a solution for combined picking of Handling Units for more than 1 Shipment Schedlule Line atb the same time.

  • #1739 Menu entry for M_ProductCategory window wrong

    Adding the correct window to the WebUI menu for Product Category Window.

  • #1759 HUTransform might pick the wrong capacity definition

    Fixes an error that occured when selecting a specific Packing Material in Handling Unit Transform Action. In minor cases the wrong capacity configuration was chosen and processed.

  • #418 Disable zoom into string lookups until it's fixed

    Avoiding current error, disabling zoom-to String fields as long as not implemented.

  • #428 internal: Include AD_Language in layout ETags

    Adding the AD_Language into eTags, allowing the language siwtiching to happen instantly without refreshing in other browser windows.

  • #431 Create request from BPartner not working

    Fixes a Bug in the “Create new Partner” action that can be called in Lookup fields.

  • #714 Included tab shall preserve the retrieve order

    When opening the window in WebUI, the fontend now respects the ordering sequence transmitted by the webui-api.

  • #744 product/packing lookup does nothing when clicking on the single result

    Optimizing the behavior of Lookup Dropdowns in cases of multiple one or nor List entries.

  • #804 Clicking on a menu item shall open the view without any filter

    When Zooming-To an new window and the user navigates with breadcrumb or sitemap, now the view-id filtering is initializes. This way the user can easily rest the filter the window was opened with.

  • #810 quickInput endpoints are wrongly called

    Internal fix for the API endpoint calls sometimes missing the correct Tab_ID.

  • #811 Print Preview Stopped working

    Fixes a Bug with Print action, that did not show the print preview in a new Tab anymore.

  • #812 1 Key Press save action error during typing

    Fixes a Bug that sometimes occured inString fields, letting the frontend save after each character recording.

  • #813 included row: typeahead and dropdown endpoints are wrongly called

    Fix for Lookup fields that did not display the dropdown list correctly, mostly empty because the endpoint was wrongly called.

  • #814 Deleting a row in included tab makes the included tab empty

    Fixes a Bug that undisplayed all rows of a Subtab when deleting one of the included rows.

  • #815 attributes are missing

    Fixing a Bug that prevented attributes to be shown in manufacturing order issue/ receipt.

  • #816 Double arrow-down for Dropdown selection

    Fixes a glitch when autocomplete usage and selection took 2 keystrokes with arrow down. Now works with auto selection of first entry and direct reaction after first arrow-down.

  • #823 Create new bpartner (from lookup) not working

    Fixes a Bug in the “Create new Partner” action that can be called in Lookup fields.

  • #829 Filter criteria not shown when typing error

    Eliminates a Bug in Filtering and Typeahead. Now the Search criteria is shown and possibility to type more than 1 character is provided.

  • #830 Layout broken in included Row Grid

    Fixing the Layout of Included Grid Rows, now showing the element connections nicely again.

  • #842 Lookup Field clear w/o selection does not work

    Now it is possible to uses the clear-x-circle to empty recording before initial confirmation with [enter]

  • Adding another name as placeholder in Avatar dropdown, as long as name is not taken from Avarat API property.


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