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This week’s release we focused on new automatism’s in Vendor and Customer Returns Functionalities.
Further on we include a huge amount of new Windows in WebUI to already existing Functionalities in Swing Client. A fair amount of effort also went into the implementation of the Translatability of static elements in the metasfresh WebUI. Last but not least we started the work on the new Kanban Board Window Type and on making the Dashboard User dependent. The last two topics are still under development and will be release soon.

Thanks a lot to all our contributors for making this happen. Another week is over and the amount of new feature and fixes is tremendous again. Very well done!

Awesome Job, Contributors!
Our Release 5.14 is out now!

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We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1603 Enhance Vendor returns

    Different Enhancements in the Vendor Returns Functionality.

  • #1790 New Window for Calendar in WebUI

    New Window for Calendar Maintenance in WebUI.

  • #1816 Fix the webui layout for Vendor returns (Lieferanten Rücklieferung) window

    New Window Layout for vendor Returns window, Main View and Subtab Lines.

  • #1819 make new pricelist a sales pricelist by default

    New Default behavior when creating new Price Lists. The List is set to „Sales Price List2 intially.

  • #1823 New Procurement Windows in WebUI

    Adding the Procurement Windows to WebUI.

  • #1824 New Request for Quotation Windows in WebUI

    New Window to allow the recording of Request for Quotations in WebUI.

  • #1825 Disable Quickstart, Admin and System Administrator Roles for WebUI

    Housekeeping Issue, restricting less default roles for usage in WebUI.

  • #1829 Different RFQ Windows in WebUI

    New Indows in WebUI that allow REF recording and Response maintenance.

  • #1830 Add filter for HU status in handling unit editor

    Additional Default Filters for the new Handling Unit Editor.

  • #1836 Adjustments for Empties Receive Window WebUI

    Further Layout adjustments for the Empties Receive Window in WebUI.

  • #1839 New Window for Period & Period Control in WebUI

    New WIndow for Period and Period Control maintenance in Accounting

  • #1840 internal: refactor and improve PO translation code

    Layout Adjustments to Customer Return Window in WebUI.

  • #1848 EDI Desadv Create from Order Warning in Log

    Application dictionary cleanup on metasfresh instalations where it’s needed

  • #1852 intern: discover interceptors which were annotated with @Component

    Internal Housekeeping Issue about annotations in Spring context.

  • #1857 Translation de_DE for static UI components in WebUI

    New base language Translation for the static elements in ad_messages in WebUI.

  • #443 Make remaining UI components translatable

    Endpoints Implementation in metasfresh API for the new Translation Feature of static Elements in Frontend.

  • #458 Debug endpoint to track websocket outbound events

    Implementation of Debug Endpoints to be able to test the behavior of websockets.

  • #462 Dashboard editing API prototype

    This is the API Prototype for the new Features required for the User Dashboard.

  • #861 Make remaining UI components translatable

    Implementation for translations of static Elements. Now it’s able to translate the whole User Interface of metasfresh WebUI.

  • #885 Change the Bookmark Subtab Group Functionality

    Changes the Bookmark Grouping Functionality and now shows a flat and compressed representation of the sitemap in shortcut/ bookmark menu.

  • #886 Optimize Browse-whole-tree Navigation Link

    Moves the ‚Browse whole tree‘ to more prominent place above the Bookmark menu. This allows teh user to quickly open the sitemap if needed.

  • #895 Modal view: when user presses Done the server shall be notified

    Enhancement in WebUI for Done Actions. The Frontend is now callong a new Endpoint so the API is aware about that the action was triggered.

  • #897 Clicking the search icon should open partner list

    New Feature in Lookup Fields. When pressing the magnifying Glass item, the user receives a list of possible entries.

  • #898 Lookup Field Dropdowns automatism

    Enhancements of the Lookup Fields behavior when result seletions entries

  • #907 Margin missing in Advanced Edit when Scrollbar visible

    Minor Design adjustment in Modal Overlays, adding a larger bottom Margin.


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1314 lazy-assigned Hostkey is not shown in swing-client's settings

    Enhancement for the Host-Key Functionality needed in async- and batch-printing. Now showing the Host-Key in Swing Client seetings.

  • #1808 Sometimes i get empty window when i zoom to related sales invoices of a given sales order

    Fixes an issue in the Zoom-To related Documents Feature, leaving the destination windows empty in minor cases.

  • #1843 Error Table M_Product does not have a simple primary key

    Adding a simple primary key to M_Product database table.

  • #1855 error with order that has just packaging lines

    Fixes an error in Orders which don’t have products in their lines, but only Packaging Material.

  • #454 Can not add attribute to attribute set

    Fixes an issue when adding a new Attribute to an Attribute set, for mandatory fields.

  • #1863 memory issue releated to material receipt

    Fixes an Out of memory issue that occured in cornercases working in material Receipt Canidates window.

  • #876 Clean and unify the two-column structure in MenuOverlay

    Decided to have a clean 1-column Layout for now for the shortcut/ bookmark menu.

  • #877 n instead of none in dropdowns

    Fixes a minor Bug with the description of the emptyvalues in fields.

  • #893 Navigation Menu keyboard usage broken

    Adjustments in the Sitemap screen, now allowing the user to navigate smoothly via keyboard.

  • #900 Handling Unit Window does not open in some cases

    Fixes a Bug that prevented to open the Handling Unit Editor in minor cases.

  • #904 Navigation Menu vs. Sitemap entries w/ linebreak

    Adjustments of the sitemap screen, now showing the manu entries without a linebreak in case there is enough horizontal space.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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