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Working on Details, doing Translations and finishing already started Implementations. These are the main areas our community spent their time on in the last release cycle. Further on we focused further on improving the user experience w/ different front end implementations and bug fixes.
Thanks a lot to all contributors for your participation. You’ve done an amazing effort again.

Thanks a lot. Great Job Contributors! Another Release successfully done.
metasfresh Release 5.16 is done and out!

Are you looking forward to belong to an awesome open source community? Come in and join us and participate in the most actively developed Open Source ERP Software and have fun with solving complex business requirements but also on developing with leading edge web technologies.
You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • #1854 Material Receipt Dispo window sequence OrderedQty CU vs. TU

    Adjusting the Sequence of QtyReceives and QtyOrdered for CU and TU in Material Receipt Dispo.

  • #1896 Overhaul the Product Planning window and subtabs

    Adjusting the Product Planning Window to our current Layout Concept.

  • #1903 Support camt.054.001.04 explicitly

    Adding the Support of Sepa camt.054 import for Swiss ESR Payments which will replace v11 Forman in Beginning of 2018.

  • #1909 Translate Open/ Close Edit Mode for Windows

    German Translation of the Window Edit Mode Caption. First time used in Unser Dashboard Customizer Action Menue Entry.

  • #1919 Additional static element Translations

    New Translations for static window elements in WebUI.

  • #1925 New Window for C_Allotment in WebUI

    A new Window in WebUI allowing to maintain Allotments uses in Fresh Produce Procurement Contracts.

  • #1926 Change Column Reference of C_Allotment_ID to search

    Adjusting the Column Reference of C_Allotment_ID to Search and autocomplete allowing a better searchability for the user with a large amount of selection entries.

  • #1948 eMail Editor does not open anymore

    Extended Functionality to mark rows as saved, allowing the front-end save indicator to react on that.

  • #485 backend: refactor sticky filters

    Refactoring of sticky Filters in webUI API, allowing to set the active Filters more precicely.

  • Additional support for Dasboard KPI now allowing to set the precise position when moving the KPI Widgets.

  • #469 Picking prototype (v2)

    First increment of the Picking Window. Still Prototype at the moment, not to be used in live environments yet.

  • #905 Add/ Remove KPI Widget functionality for User Dashboard

    New Frontend Functionality to add and remove KPI widgets in the User Dashboard.

  • #920 Improvement of Breadcrumb Navigation Dropdown entries

    Adjustment of the content in the Breadcrumb Navigation, now only showing the leaf entries of the selected Breadcrumb Hierarchy.

  • #922 Language switch does not update static elements

    Adding the immediate Translations of menu Tooltips when switching the Language in User Settings.

  • #924 Remaining untranslated static elements in WebUI

    Translations for static elements added to metasfresh WebUI.

  • #934 Image widget might generate considerable traffic

    The Upload of Avatar/ User Images is now limited to an image size of 200×200.

  • #935 Image widget: show uploading indicator

    Now showing an uploading/ processing Indicator to the user durcing the upload of a User image. The Indicator is shown when the image will be shown.

  • #944 Show the metasfresh logo centered when there are no KPIs

    Centering the metasfresh Logo that’s shown when the User/ KPI Dashboard remains empty without added KPI Cards.

  • #945 dashboard: react to websocket notifications

    New functionality for User Dashboard, now reacting to websocket Notifications. If the Dashboard it changed on other User Browser then the Dashboard is updated also for other opened Browser Tabs.

  • #949 Board: adding a card as last is not user friendly

    Implementation of a user friendly behavior when adding Cards to the new Kanban Board.

  • New Action for Dashboard >Edit mode. Allows the user to toggle between Edit and Live Mode of the User/ KPI Dashboard.

  • #964 again: Editing in the middle of a text field makes the cursor jump to the end

    thanks wiadev


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • #1869 Customer Returns for HU more than 1 Document

    Fixes a Bug that created too many Customer return Documents when the initial Handling Unit was already created in a Material Receipt.

  • #1875 New Order Control Report cut off left/ cut off right

    Adjustments done to the new Order Conrol report, now resizing the margins left and right to avoid cutting off information.

  • Fixes a minor Bug in Material Receipt automatic Label printing, that occured when the Receipt was already split into a lot of individual Handling Units.

  • #1911 memory issue related to swing-client picking terminal

    Fixes an Out of Memory issue that sometime occurred in the Picking Terminal of the Swing Client.

  • #1948 eMail Editor does not open anymore

    Fix for the eMail editor that did not open in swing client anymore via Mail icon.

  • Fixes an Out ofd memory issues that occured in a few processes due to default process parameter

  • #449 Key Field Missing in KPI Field Translation Window

    Adding the Key Field to WebUI KPI Translation Window.

  • #481 Sticky empty Filter in modal overlay.

    Getting rid of the empfty Sticky Filter when opening a modal overlay.

  • #921 Browser issue: Window Bookmark Header

    The jumping linebreak effect for Window headers in Action Menu is now solved in Chrome Browser.

  • #923 Packageables window: up/down arrows are working weird

    Fixes the Keyboard Navigaiton in Picking Terminal Window for WebUI.

  • #931 Notifications are not refreshed when the language is changed

    Now the Notifications are alss shown in the correct language after switching the language in User settings.

  • #933 Disable quick action button while running the action (v2)

    Disabling the Quick Action Buttons while an action is already running, to avoid multiple starts and inconsistencies.

  • #951 Frontend is broken (showstopper)

    Fixes a Bug that raises exceptions after login and prevented the usage of Action Menu.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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