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Another week of Open Source ERP Development done, this time focussing on the next iteration of the new Picking Terminal and Retraceability Feature. Besides that we cared about a lot of detailed issues that improve the user experience further.
Contributors, thanks a lot for your participation. Another large step done again.

Contributors, thanks a lot for your participation. Another large step done again.
This week’s Release 5.18 is out now.

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These are the new Features developed in this week’s Release.

  • #484 HU traceability (backend)

    First Backend Implementation of the new Retraceability Feature allowing the user to backtrack where specific material & components came from and where went to.

  • #1604 Enhance Material disposal (garbage)

    Further Improvements of the Material disposal functionality.

  • #1874 Material Receipt multiselect Close Lines

    New Functionality in Material Receipt, allowing the user to close multiple lines at once.

  • #1929 Translate & export webui messages

    Migrating the latest messages for static webUI elements.

  • #1938 Adjust Window Greeting in WebUI

    Adding improvements to the Greeting Window in Form of 2-column Layout and Translations.

  • #1939 Adjust the Business Partner Relations Window

    New Window to allow Business Partner Relations maintenance in WebUI.

  • #1940 Subtabs Layout for Business Partner Window

    Refining the Business Partner Window Subtabs to Current Layout concept. Adding Translations and Renaming Fields.

  • #1941 Subtab Layout for Window Outbound Document

    Adjustment of the Doc Outbound Window. Layout changes for Log Subtab, adding Translations and renaming Fields.

  • #1942 Payment Terms Window in WebUI

    Adjustment of Payment Terms Window with harmonized Layout. Adding Translations for en_US.

  • #1943 Window Business Partner Group Advanced Edit

    Improvement of the advanced edit mode in Business Partner Group window in WebUI.

  • #1944 Request Type Window adjustments

    Minor Adjustments to Request Type Window in WebUI, renaming Fields, adding Translations, Layout improvement in GridView.

  • #1967 show dropship in trace report

    Adding dropship references to vendor/ customer trace report

  • #1969 Adjustment on Average Purchase Prices Function

    Enhancement for the Average Purchase Price Function, now returning additional Information like DocumentNo and Receiptdate if available.

  • #1981 Add Docstatus to Grid View in Empties Receive

    Enhancing the presented Information in the Grid View of Empties Windows (Return & Receive).

  • #1986 Internal Use Action for Handling Unit Editor WebUI

    New Action in Handling Unit Editor to allow Internal Use of Handling Units.

  • #495 API: Functionality to add Actions for Subtab Data

    Provides the API Endpoints for actions used in included subtabs. Shall be made available in Frontend via action menu as soon a subtab record is selected.

  • #501 Picking prototype (v4)

    Next iteration of the picking terminal prototype in WebUI.

  • #836 Outbound eMail functionality

    First Iteration of new eMail Editor for Outbound communication in WebUI

  • #919 Keyboard shortcut for Quickaction dropdown

    New Shortcut added for the Quickaction Dropdown Menu, allowing a better keyboard navigation.

  • #930 Refactor/unify Menu and Sitemap

    Unifying the the Navigation Menus and Sitemap components for future use and better maintainability.

  • #942 grid view: automatically open the included view when clicking on a row

    New Fuctionality to directly open an included view when deleting a row in Grid View.

  • #973 Disable/ Enable on quick actions do not happen smoothly

    Now having a smooth transition of action button content when starting an action, avoiding a flickering effect.

  • #992 Disable quick action dropdown button while running the action

    Improvement of the usage of Actions. When starting an action, then disabling teh action button for the time the started action is running.


Some Bugs squashed again. These issues were fixed in the last week.

  • #1970 MatchInv not posting properly

    Fix for MatchInv Accounting of non service Products

  • #891 Blocked cells

    Improvement of metasfresh Browser compatibility. Here adjusting the behavior of blocked cells when using Edge Browser.

  • #948 Define refactoring plan for filters model

    Improvement of Filtering model in metasfresh.

  • #966 sitemap: menu item incorrectly flagged as favorite in search result

    Fix for the User Bookmark menu, fixing a minor case that showed the a menu item incorrectly as favorite.

  • #978 Make Avatar and Notifications accessible in Edit mode

    Fixes the Avatar and Notifications menu in action windows line Picking Terminal and others.

  • #979 Use the Provided Endpoint w/ entry selections for given Breadcrumb

    Refactoring/ Fixing the Breadcrumb menu usage.

  • #987 Blue Border in modal overlay when Button pressed

    Fixes a Stylesheet Issue that caused a blue border around Buttons and Tooltips when hovering.

  • #998 Picking: quick actions button not shown

    Fix for the Action Buttons in new Picking Terminal Window, that were not displayed.

  • #1008 Breadcrumb Navigation broken for Document List

    Fix for the breadcrumb menu that was not shown anymore in Document List.

  • #1010 Action menu Window Name

    Now showing the Window Name in the Action Menu dropdown List again.

  • #1011 Checking/ unchecking flags in included tabs lead to errors in console

    Housekeeping Issue, now eliminating console errors that popped up when checking/ unchecking flags.


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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