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Wow, what a week! Things are moving really fast again in the development of new features. The whole community is looking forward of finishing the first big Milestone our new Picking and Traceability Features in WebUI. Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thank you all for your participation!
metasfresh 5.26 is ready and out!

Would you like to join us? The metasfresh community is a great place to be and are looking for people that will help us to even make it better. Come in and join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide, and have fun with / a team in implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


These are our new Features for this week’s release.

  • Import Subscriptions / Flatrate Terms

    New Import Functionality. Now allowing the user to Import Subscriptions/ Flatrate Terms. #2224

  • Doc Outbound missing Columns

    Adjustments to Document Outbound Window, adapting to current Design Guidelines, making it more user friendly with more functionality. #2300

  • Auto Product No when new

    Adding the automatic creation of Product No. as soon a new Product Record is created by the user. #2303

  • New Action: Create new Product Prices from selected Pricelist Version

    Improvement of Price List and Product Prices Window, adding the action to create new Price List version easiliy via mass selection and calculation schema. #2304

  • Period mass actions missing in WebUI

    New Action “Open all/ Close all” in Period Window, allowing to change the Period status of all Doctypes in few clicks. #2306

  • Window Period adjustments, add missing Translations

    Translation for en_US and further refinements of Calendar Period Window in WebUI. #2307

  • Sales Order detail adjustments from User Feedback

    Further detailed improvements of Sales Order Window in WebUI, adding Fields and Translations. #2314

  • Improvement of Delivery Days Window in WebUI

    Further detailed improvements done in Delivery Days Window. #2317

  • New Window for Internal Usage in WebUI

    New Window for the maintenance of Internal Inventory Usage. #2326

  • Default Filter Criteria for selected Windows

    Adding some default Filter criteria to selected Windows in WebUI. #2334

  • Purchase Order detail adjustments

    Adjusting the Purchase Order Window with further details. #2337

  • New Window in WebUI for Changelog

    New Window for Changelog maintenance in WebUI. This Window will be added to referenced Documents Sidelist for all records in future and show the data changes done by whom and when. #2339

  • Add code coverage metrics to our builds

    Internal Housekeeping Task in our Jenkis Buildsystem. Now showing Test coverage metrics for each build. #2343

  • Add BPartner Value to Material Receipt Label

    Extended Material Receipt Label for Handling Units. Now showing the Buisness Partner No. for Vendor and Producer/ Manufacturer. #2348

  • Invoice Customer window adjustments for WebUI

    Detailed improvements of the Customer Invoice Window in WebUI, adding new Actions and refining the Grid View Layout. #2352

  • Invoice Candidates Window in WebUI detail improvements

    Detailed improvements of the Invoice Candidates Window in WebUI, refining the Grid View Layout. #2353

  • Default Reports to WebUI

    New Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Logistics and Finance Reports added to WebUI. #2362

  • Procurement candidates detail Improvements

    Refining the Fieldnames in Procurement Candidates Window, allowing a better transparency for the User. #2378

  • New Window for M_PickingSlot in WebUI

    New Picking Slot Window in WebUI, allowing the maintenance of Picking Locators/ Slots and allocation to Businesspartner and Locations or usage with dynamic allocation. #2385

  • Partial vendor Returns

    New Functionality in Handling unit Editor now allowing to also do partial Vendor Returns. #2391

  • Reverse Correct of Disposal takes too long

    Performance Improvement for the reverse correction of Disposal Documents. #2398

  • Handling Unit Editor - remove hardcoded filter for active HUs

    Removing the hardcoded isActive Filter from Handling Unit Editor in WebUI. #563

  • Filter Layout Sequence

    New Functionality in Filter Configuration. Now allowing to define the sequence in which Filters are shown. #564

  • MoveToDirectWarehouse shall support multiple HUs

    New Functionality in Handling Unit Action for Internal Use, now allowing to mass-select and use Handling Units in one step. #573

  • API for Edit Fields in Main Grid View

    Adding the API for editing Fields in Main Table Grid Views. #577

  • Implement the initial Sorting Indicator in included Tabs

    Now also showing the initial Sorting indicators in included tabs. #1147

  • Find a new shortcut for CTRL + X

    Providing a new shortcut for eMail send. It’s now ctrl+k instead of ctrl+x. #1152

  • Frontend: document cloning

    New Functionality that allows the user to easily copy/ clone documents. #1164


These are the Bugs we fixed in this Release.

  • Year-End P&L Process w/ multiple Organisations error

    Fixes a Bug that wrongly calculated the year end P&L when organisations are different but youse the identical Accounting Schema (defined on client level). #2141

  • Order validation rule for packing instruction needs to look at DatePromised

    Fix for a minor Bug that appeared when choosing the Packing Instructions in validation rule for Orderlines. #2302

  • Make Material Disposal Lines and their Movements respect all the details from the HUs

    Fixes a minor Bug in the new Disposal Functionality according to missing Handling Unit Information. #2342

  • LU has HU_Status Active after picking

    Minor Fix for the Handling Unit Status Handling, here having the wrong status for included Handling Units after Picking workflow. #2354

  • EDI problem for customer returns

    Fix in Customer Returns when using w/ EDI. #2389

  • UOM in customer return lines

    Minor fix for UOM Cornercase. Now showing the correct UOM in customer return Line. #2399

  • Unable to see list of document's attachments

    Fix for the new Document Attachments List in WebUI, now showing the attached Files again. #532

  • Qty doubled on vendor/customer return and destroyed HUs

    Quantity Fix in Vendor and Customer Return Lines. #572

  • Storage error on disposal

    Getting rid of en error that appeared in Storage when disposing Handling Units. #578

  • Offline message is no longer displayed

    Fixes the message that is shown when the appclicaton turns offline. #1156

  • Batch entry: scrollbar not moving when using keyboard

    Now moving the scrollbar when using the arrow keys in WebUI frontend. #1159

  • Frontend cache for dropdown value not invalidated on lookupValuesStale is true

    Fix in Frontend Caching. #1165

  • Edit Account Lookup Fields in GridView not possible

    Fix and adjustment to the Lookup fields behavior in included Views. #1170

  • Filtering is not working in picking

    Allowing the Filters to be uses in the new Picking Window in WebUI. #1172

  • ”[ctrl

    +u sometimes opens chrome sourceview instead of trigger main quickaction” title_color=”” text_color=”” graphic=”icon” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”hsl(88, 65%, 44%)” align_h=”left” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” child=”true” connector_width=”1px” connector_style=”dashed” connector_color=”#272727″ link_text=”#1178″ href=”″ href_title=”” href_target=”blank” link_color=”” graphic_icon=”bug”]Harmonizing the usage of ctrl+u key combination in WebUI Windows and Fields.


    +enter does not save changes before” title_color=”” text_color=”” graphic=”icon” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”hsl(88, 65%, 44%)” align_h=”left” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” child=”true” connector_width=”1px” connector_style=”dashed” connector_color=”#272727″ link_text=”#1179″ href=”″ href_title=”” href_target=”blank” link_color=”” graphic_icon=”bug”]Harmonizing the usage of ctrl+enter key combination in WebUI Windows and Fields.

  • Purchase order: screen is scrolling when i am trying to type in Delivery from field

    Avoiding the scroll of the main page when scrolling in a Lookup Field #1183


Would you like to learn more about metasfresh ERP! Tale a look at our documentation, it’s evolving fast! You can find it here:

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