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This week’s development was characterized by a lot of detail work in WebUI Windows. The most of the solved Issues belong to Improvements doen in adapting the Look&Feel Guidelines of WebUI Windows and adding Translations for en_US Language/ Locale. Additionally we have added a few cool Features in WebUI, like the new Label widget and the possibility to now attach Bookmarks/ URL to any given record.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Contributors, Thank you!
metasfresh 5.30 is now ready and out!

Would you like to join us? The metasfresh community is a great place to be and are looking for people that will help us to even make it better. Come in and join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. and have fun w/ a team in implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Forecast Window as Document

    Forecast Look&Feel is now adapted to real document. #1339

  • Prepare Default Filters for Retraceability window

    The Retraceability Window has now a default subset of filters that allow the user to find the wanted data records quickly. #2152

  • Take out password field from user window and use process instead

    Removing the Password Field from User Window, now only changeable via Password Change Action. #2212

  • Process for converting any table to a document

    New Housekeeping and development Functionality that transforms any selected table into a document table. #2432

  • Prices changing in FlatrateTerms after Prolongation

    New Price change Functionality in Subscription after Prolongation step. #2494

  • Freigabe zur Fakturierung as standard filter

    Adding further default Filter to Invoice Candidate Window in WebUI. #2517

  • Generate Picking Document

    New Jasper Report that allows to create and print a Picklist. #2525

  • Make use of product documentnote on Quotation and Order Document

    New Field in Product that describes additional Information about a product and shall be printed on Quotation and Order reports. #2590

  • Make letter print preview work with AD_BoilerPlate jasper process

    New Functioanlity in Letter feature, now allowing to use Textsnippets and the Boilerplate proces in there. #2592

  • New Window for Dunning Candidates in WebUI

    New Window for Dunning Candidates in WebUI, that allows the preparation and creation of Dunning Documents. #2594

  • Printing via standalone client takes too long

    Improvements of printing performance when printing via Standalone Client. #2604

  • Business Partner Import with empty location

    Adjustment of the Businesspartner Import, now allowing to leave the location empty. #2611

  • Overhaul shipment schedule UI window

    Additional shipment Schedule adjustments, new Quickactions and adding new Fields to Main View. #2614

  • Make the callout C_Flatrate_Matching.onC_Flatrate_Transition_ID comply with webui

    Adapting the Flatrate Transition callout in WebUI to match with the behavior in Swing Client. #2615

  • Overhaul shipment schedule closing

    Improvement of the shipment Schedule closing Feature, now allowing the user to reopen alraedy closed records. #2623

  • Window Design Webui: Translations and Improvements for DeliveryDays

    Improved Translations for Language/ Locale en_US in Delivery Days Window. #2626

  • Create Zoom Across Reference between Flatrate Term and Invoice Candidate

    New references added to Flatrate Term Window, allowing the user to quickly zoom into the other references data. #2627

  • Show fields product, qty, price and contractstatus in window contracts

    Improvements for Subscription Contracts in Contract Window in WebUI. Adding Fields and Translations. #2628

  • Window Design Webui: Improve Business Partner window

    Detailed Improvements to Business Partner Window in WebUI. Adapting current Design Guidelines. Translations added for en_US. #2631

  • Window Design Webui: Translations for Tourversion window

    Additional Translations for Language/ Locale en_US in Window Tourversion in WebUI. #2632

  • Window Design Webui: Translations for Bank Statement Line Reference

    Translations added for Language en_US in Bank Statement Line Reference Window in WebUI #2635

  • WebUI Window Design: Improvements to Account Combinations

    Additional Improvements to Account Combination Window in WebUI. Adding missing Translations for en_US. #2637

  • Rename default Account Values to be sorted last

    Moving the 5-digit Default Accounts to the end of table. #2639

  • Flatrate Import: Support explicit enddate and terminated contracts

    Enhancement of the Flatrate/ Subscription migration Feature, now allowing to import an explicit enddate and automatically terminate contracts. #2642

  • Window Design Webui: Improvements to ESR window

    Layout Improvements and Translations added for Language en_US. #2644

  • Allow subscription pause and recipient change with existing shipment scheds

    New Functionality in Subscription Feature, that allows to set a delivery pause and receipient change for a given timeframe. #2650

  • Window Design Webui: Translations and Improvements for Product Prices

    New Translations for en_US in Product Prices Window. Adjusting Layout. #2655

  • Don't show inactive HUs in HU Costprice report

    Removing inactive Handling Units from the Costprice Report. #2657

  • Translate Add URL Attachment

    Adding the de_DE message Translations for The URL Attachment Handling. #2665

  • Window Design Webui: Tanslations for the window Contract

    Translation Improvement for Subtab Recors. Now completed the Translation for Language/ Locale en_US. #2666

  • Window Design Webui: Tanslations for the window Contractpartner

    Improvements in Window Layout, Sorting and Filtering. Now translated to Language/ Locale en_US. #2667

  • Window Design Webui: Improvements and translations in Shipment Candidates

    Improvement of Translations for en_US Language/ Locale in shipment candidate window in WebUI. #2669

  • Frontend: Labels widget

    New Lookup widget in WebUI. Now allowing to search, select and use Labels in a Main View. Fully customizable via Application Dictionary. #1138

  • Frontend: Attach URL support

    New Functionality in Document Attachments, now being able to record Bookmarks/ URL instead of attaching a document. #1220


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Businesspartner Import for different Partner with the same address

    Fixes the Business Partner Import Feature, now allowing to import different Businesspartners with the same address. #2678

  • Shipment Schedules not created for new flatrate terms

    Bugfix for the shipment Schedule creation for new Subscriptions/ Contracts. #2678

  • SQL syntax error in ShipmentSchedulePA.retrieveUnprocessedForRecord()

    Internal Housekeeping. Fix for a SQL syntax error in Shipment Schedule. #2688

  • Selection using SHIFT does not work in Handling unit Editor

    Keyboard Selection Fix in WebUI now allowing to use shift key in handling unit editor. #1212

  • Letter Window does not store template info

    Fixes a minor Bug in Letter component that prevented the usage of Text Snippets. #1234

  • Bug in Partner window after setting Attributes (Labels)

    Fixes a Bug that occurred in Business Partner window after setting new Labels via Label Lookup widget. #1238


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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