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We made another great step forward in this week. The new retraceability window and filterind was finanlized and found its way into this release. Further on we create a new Feature in Sales Order to allow the user to group Orderlines and create compansation group lines for then. Last but not least we have added the keyboard usage for the new Labels widget and proceeded quickly with the translation of reports and windows to en_US Language/ Locale.

What a great effort again. Thanks Contributors!
metasfresh 5.32 is out now, well done!

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We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Picking from Handling Unit Editor (WebUI)

    New Functionality that allows a flexible Picking from Handling Unit Editor. #472

  • Window Design WebUI : Order Candidates Improvements

    Improved Translations for de_DE and en_US and Layout adapted to current Design Guidelines. #2283

  • Customer Invoices and Invoice Candidates adjustments

    Improved Translations for en_US, de_DE and Layout in Invoice Candidates Window and Customer Invoice. #2311

  • Procurement Candidates generate Purchase Order

    New Action in Procurement Candidates window of WebUI, allowing to create Purchase Orders from selected Procurement Candidates. #2379

  • Concept for entering multiple discounts for order and subscription

    New Feature that allows to add Discount Grouping and Discount Rows to Sales Order Lines. These Lines allow the createtion of discounts based on LineNetAmt Aggregations. #2564

  • Window Design Webui: Improve Businesspartner Dist-Orgs window

    Improved Translations for en_US. New Fields added for Subscription progress Subtab. #2653

  • Webui Window Design: Improvements in window ESR Payment Import

    New Field Translations added to ESR Payment Import window. Now having a completed Translation for Window, Fields and Actions for en_US Language. #2725

  • Set correct identifiers in the table M_ShipmentSchedule v2

    Setting a readable and searchable Identifier for Shipment Schedule Records. #2726

  • Webui Design Window: Add Translations to Business Partner

    Improved Translation for en_US Language/ Locale in Window, Fields and Actions. #2728

  • Window Design Webui: Add missing fields to window Tourversion

    New Fields added to Tourversion window in WebUI. Translations for en_US improved. #2729

  • Window Design Webui: Improvements in window Purchase order

    Translation improved in Purchase Order window for Language en_US. #2730

  • Window Design Webui: Improve window Shipment Restrictions

    Improved Translation of en_US Language in Shipment Restrictions Window and Actions. #2731

  • Window Design Webui : Add description field in sales order line

    New Field Description added to Sales Orderline Grid View and Advanced edit in WebUI. #2732

  • Add context into if exception happens in WorkpackageProcessorTask.processWorkpackage

    Internal Housekeeping Feature that improves the analysis of failes Workpackage Processor Tasks. #2739

  • Picking slot Rack System flag

    New Feature that enables the Configration of Picking Slots as Rack System. This enables the possbility to reopen an already closed Handling Unit in Picking Slot or restricting it. #2740

  • Flatrate Import: Support tax category

    Adding Support of Tax Categories in Flatrate Contracts Import process. #2750

  • Report Translations to en_US: menu reports

    Translation of default Jasper Reports to en_US. #2751

  • Inherit C_Taxcategory_ID and IsTaxIncluded from orderline to FT

    Functionality allowing the inheritance of Tax relevant information from Orderline to Flatrate Terms. #2752

  • Error on HU changing status from shipped to active

    Fixes an error in Handling Units when transforming HU from shipped back to active status. #2755

  • New Window Picking Tray Clearing

    New Window for the Picking Tray Clearing, allowing the user to maintain content of Picking Trays, do Handling Unit Compression and Preparation for Shipper Transportation. #2763

  • Translations added to Parms in Change Password Process. #2768

  • Model generator: wrong columns are generated

    Translations added to Parms in Change Password Process. #2769

  • Vendor Invoice Layout and Translations in WebUI

    Improved Window Vendor Invoice Layout to adapt current Design Guidelines and Translations for en_US added. #2774

  • Window Design Webui: Please, add translations to the window Contract Term

    Improved Layout for Window Contract Terms, adapting current Guidelist. New Translation added for en_US Language/ Locale. #2724

  • Window Design Webui : Material receipt

    Layout adapted to current WebUI Design Guidelines. Improved Translation for en_US, de_DE Language/ Locale. #2764

  • HU-Trace: show all connected records

    Improvement of Handling Unit Trace Functionality, now showing all connected records for a given Filter Criteria. #632

  • Move Picking Tray Clearing Functionality to new window

    New Window for the Picking Tray Clearing Functionality. #637

  • Prepare Update to React 16

    Preparation Work for the Update to React 16. #1092

  • Labels widget: keyboard support

    Adding Support for the new Labels widget Lookup. #1232

  • Included view: blurWhenOpen support

    New Functionality allowing to switch the blur effect on included views in Main Grid View. #1249


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • NPE on zoom into header aggregation

    Bugfix in Zoom To Function when jumping to Header Aggregation. #2240

  • Tax is not set properly when creating ICs from flatrate term

    Fix for the Invoice Candidate generation from Flatrate Terms. Now the Tax is set properly. #2727

  • Problem with picking for subscription deliveries

    Improvement of the Picking workflow when picking subscription shipments. #2794

  • WebUI Scheduler Window Log Subtab: Invalid Client ID=0

    Internal Housekeeping, fix in Schedule Window Log included Tab. #625

  • Can't save a new partner

    Fixes a Bug that prevented to create and save new Business Partners in WebUI. #639

  • Fix for WebUI Windows. Her Handling Unit Editor. Now the Window Scrollbar is shown after the usage of Internal Usage Action. #1223

  • The Letter window dissapears after Print Preview

    Fix for the Letter Window. now still visible after choosing Print Preview. #1227

  • Included views are not working in non-modal windows

    Fixes the Included Views Functionality in WebUI. Now it’s also possible to use them in non-modal windows. #1239

  • Included view: wrong selectedIds when calling quickActions

    Fix in Included View. Now retrieving the correct Record/ Row ID’s when calling Quick Actions. #1248

  • Sitemap broken

    Fix for the Sitemap creation. #1268

  • Open ANY included view broken

    Fixes the Included Views after issues occured for React 16 Refactoring. #1271

  • Scrolling in Modal window throws errors

    Fixes the errors that occured when scrolling in Modal Overlays. #1275

  • Shortcuts for New, Batch and Expand are broken

    Fixes the shortcuts for different shortcut keys. #1278

  • Translations of Photo Widget in User WIndow

    Fixing the Translation of the Photo Widget Buttons in User Window. #1278


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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