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In this weeks Release we have a fair amount of Subscription contract Improvements. These became necessary because of further detailed requirements from our subscription user base. The improvements include a Pause functionality, temporary Location adjustment and Subscription Progress/ History.
Further on we Improved the Cache Invalidation for WebUI API and additional other issues.

metasfresh 5.34 is out!
Thanks to all Contributors!

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We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Move verify BOM process to BOM window

    Improvement of the BOM Verification Process. Now the BOM Verification is done via action in BOM window instead of Product window. #2113

  • Payment Selection as real Document

    Transforming the Payment Selection into a real document. #2273

  • Flatrate: make subscription progress reflecting progress

    Further Improvements to Subscription Progress Subtab in Business Partner window subtab, now showing the real progress of subscriptions. #2676

  • Set Hostkey for printing module when login in WebUI

    Now setting the Hostkey for a User when logging in via WebUI. #2803

  • Save Termination Reason when terminating subscription

    Recording the Reason when canceling a subscription. #2854

  • Pre-enddate termination of flatrate created compensation sales order

    New sysconfig to control if compensation Sales Orders are created. #2859

  • Set MasterStartDate for a contract when creating from order

    Improvement in Subscription Contract, now setting the Master Start Date initially when creating the Subscription from Sales Order. #2862

  • Make sure that 'Print All' is working in webui

    Further improvement of the Handling of Printing when using select all in WebUI. #2866

  • Create special filters in printing queue

    New Filters in Printing Queue Window in WebUI. #2874

  • Support for 6 digits AccountNo length in ReferenceNumber

    Adjustment of ESR ReferenceNo Handling, extending the allowed Account No to 6 digits. #2878

  • Add greeting to partner quick creation from order

    Enhancement of the Quick Businesspartner creation in Sales Order, now allowing to record the Greeting. #2880

  • Add a process that removes pauses and can be ran from Contract window

    New Action in Contract Window that enables the cancellation of Subscription Pauses. #2881

  • Make ShipmentSchedule column reference search in C_SubscriptionProgress

    New Filter for Shipment Schedule Line in Subscription Progress. #2887

  • Cache invalidation

    Improvement of Cache Invalidation in WebUI. #19

  • Implement document discardChanges endpoint

    Endpoint Implementation for the possibility of discarding document changes. This endpoint will be used by a new cancel button in WebUI. #625

  • metasfresh.webui.debug.showColumnNamesForCaption shall be false by default

    Fix in WebUI API, switching the Developer Mode off by default. #653

  • Address editor fields are not translated

    Improvement of Translations in en_US, de_DE for the Address editor. #656

  • Now only enabled window actions are active in WebUI Frontend, if disabled then the action is greyed out. #1294

  • Processes: provide current selected tab and rows

    Processes now provide the info about the selected Tab and rows when called in WebUI. #1295

  • Change the hostname from config.js.dist to localhost

    Internal Housekeeping Issue, switching Hostnames on config.js for easier maintenance. #1303

  • Invoice Medium Address Layout Changes

    Further Layout adjustments in Invoice Document. #82


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Fix Recreate printing queue for webui

    Fix for the Process Recreate Printing Queue, and enabling to run in WebUI. #2876

  • Test canceling extended contracts and fix if needed

    Improvement of the Cancel Action when used on extended contracts. #2885

  • AD_Ref_Table needs lower-case WHERE and FROM

    Fix for SQL Validation in Reference Table. #2895

  • Set Master Enddate correctly when extending contracts

    Fix for the prolongation Functionality of contracts. Now setting the Master End Date correctly. #2907

  • Materialdispo Target Warehouse checks Warehouse Routing

    Fix for the Warehouse Routing in Material Disposition. Now only validating the Document Reference for Source Warehouse. #633

  • Flatrate contractstatus not refresh in single view after terminated

    Now setting the contractstatus directly when terminating a contract. #650

  • Document references endpoints are not respecting role permissions

    The Record Reference List is now respecting the Role Permissions of the user and only showing references which are allowed for the user. #651

  • Address country lookup not working correctly

    Fix for the country Lookup in Location widget. #654

  • Wrong process call

    Improvement for Action calls in WebUI. #1312


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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