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Here comes our first metasfresh release in 2018. The main topics in this release are new functionalities in Picking window and the new Material Cockpit, which shows a nice just-in-time overview of all Material information in the company.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

metasfresh 5.40 is ready and out!
Thanks to all contributors for your time and effort.

Come in and join our Communiy. It’s a great place to be. We are looking for people that will help us to even make it better. metasfresh is one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide. Have fun with a great team in implementing complex business cases but also working on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • System Element overwrite on Window Field

    New Feature in the Application Dictionary, now able to overwrite the system element on Field Level. #1752

  • Create special pharma import product table

    New vertical Feature for the import of products from pharma industry. #3155

  • Refactor trx event listeners

    Improvement of Transaction event listeners, now leading to explicit specification which code shall be executed on which event. #3222

  • Show c_activity_ID in purchase Orderlines Grid View

    New Field for Activity in Purchase Orderlines. #3229

  • Material Tracking ID in Invoice Candidates Filter shall be search

    Improving the Material Tracking ID Lookup widget. It is now an autocomplete search field instead of a dropdown list. #3234

  • Improvement of the shipping workflow, now also able t create a “Source of Supply” Document for the shipped Products. #3237

  • Create Missing M_Cost records on the fly

    Improvement of the M_Cost handling, now creating missing entries on the fly. #3238

  • Pharma: import prices

    New Import Prices functionality for products from pharma industry. #3230

  • WebUI: Material Receipt Candidates Fields not readonly

    Improvement of the Material Receipt Candidates Window in WebUI. Now Fields are readonly that should not be changes by the user after creation. #3239

  • WebUI: Create new Customer Accounts Window

    New Window for Customer Accounts, allowing the user to define customer relevant accounting information. #3242

  • WebUI: Adjust the BOM Configuration window in Subtab for components

    Improvement of the BOM Configuration Window and Forumula. Now showing most important columns in grid view for components. Renaming Fields and translations for better understanding. #3243

  • WebUI: Accounting Schema Window

    New Window in WebUI for Accounting Schema, allowing the user to maintain the default Accounting properties. #3255

  • WebUI: Window for Warehouse Accounting

    New Window for Vendor Accounts, allowing the user to define warehouse relevant accounting information. #3256

  • WebUI: Window for Vendor Accounting

    New Window for Vendor Accounts, allowing the user to define vendor relevant accounting information. #3257

  • Hide Accounts Tab from Warehouse Window in WebUI

    Hiding Accounts Tab in Warehouse Window, now available via Document Reference. #3260

  • WebUI: New Window for BPartner Group Accounts

    New Window for Business Partner Group Accounts, allowing the user to define relevant accounting information for Business Partner Groups. #3261

  • WebUI: Add Create Periods to Action menu in Calendar Window

    Improving the Calendar and Period Window in WebUI, adding the Create Periods process to action menu. #3267

  • WebUI: Add Shortcut Filter from Calendar Year to Periods Window

    Improving the Usability of Calendar and Period Window, now allowing to directly zoom to filtered Periods for a given year. #3267

  • Provide Periods for 2018

    Housekeeping issue, providing the periods for 2018 as migration script. #3272

  • New Filter for datepromised in Sales/ Purchase Order

    Adding the Filter for datepromised in Sales Order and Purchase order Window in WebUI. #3275

  • Picking Tray Clearing: picking slot filter no results

    Improvement of the filtering in Picking Tray Window. Now showing “No Rows” for en empty result instead of en Error message. #752

  • Picking Tray Clearing: process to take out an HU and add it to existing HU

    New Functionality in Picking Tray Clearing, having a new Action that takes out Handling Units from Picking Slot and adds to existing HU. #758

  • Picking Tray Clearing: process to take out an HU and add it to new HU

    New Functionality in Picking tray Clearing, having a new Action that takes out Handling Units from Picking Slot and adds to a new HU. #760

  • Picking Tray Clearing: packing HUs: Add to Transportation Order, Ship and Invoice action

    New Functionality in Picking tray Clearing, having a new Action that adds Handling Units to Transportation order and automatically creates Shipments and Invoiced for the HU. #763

  • Receipt candidates: HU editor: cannot call Transform for a CU

    Improvement of Receipt Candidates, now allowing to transform Customer Units. #764

  • Picking Tray Clearing: packing HUs: generate shipper's package label

    New Functionality in Picking tray Clearing, generating a shipper package Label for package HU. #768

  • New context variable for isWebUI

    Improvement of Display logic in WebUI now allowing to use “isWebUI” flag in display logic. #769

  • Frontend: Processes: when calling a process frontend shall provide which are the selected rows in the left/right view

    Enhanced functionality for WebUI selectedIDs. Now it’s possible to select lines in splitted views so that actions/ process receive all selected Ids. #1465

  • Hover showing Element Content for flags wrongly

    Improvement of the tablecell tooltips in Grid Views. Not not showing a tooltip for checkboxes and switches anymore. #1465


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Empty Country in Price List not working

    Fixes the price retrieval Logic for Pricelists with empty country. #2822

  • Fixes a Bug that appeared when trying to manually unclose a Manufacturing Order. #3225

  • Attachment related perf problem in swing client

    Fixes a Performance Issue that was related to missing indices in Attachment. #3227

  • WebUI: Role permission constraints missing in Subtabs

    Fixes an issue that allowed to add duplicate permissions in WebUI Role Window. #3233

  • C_Tax.ValidFrom bug

    Fix for the check of valid from date in Tax ID retrieval. #3281

  • WebUI window C_Printing_Queue broken

    Fixes the Printing Queue Window in WebUI. #741

  • Elasticsearch shall use slf4j instead of log4j

    Switches the logger for elasticsearch to slf4j. #757


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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