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In this week’s Release we worked mostly on topics that improve and stabilize the webui frontend codebase. We are making very good progress in that area. Besides that we are implementing different features needed in the pharma industry.

Our Release of metasfresh 5.43 is out!
Thanks a lot to all Contributors.

Come in and join our community.
If you have fun with implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies then here is the place to be. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Enlarge AD_Table.TableName

    Resizing the Fields for Tablename in Applicaiton Dictionary, now allowing 80 chars. #3410

  • Implement MSV3 purchase order

    New Feature in Pharma Vertical, allowing to create MSV3 Purchase Orders. #3411

  • Support new VAT rate of 7.7% in Switzerland from 01.01.2018

    New Tax Masterdate for VAT in Switzerland valid from 01-01-2018. #3417

  • Throw meaningful exception if MOrderLine.beforeSave has problems

    Improving error messages in Orderline, now returning meaningful information to the user. #3419

  • Switch off Daterange in Preparation date Filer temporarily

    Changes the Filter of Preparation Date to simple Date instead of Date range. #3428

  • Improvement of GO Delivery Order Window

    Improved the visibility of important information in the GO! Delivery Window in WebUI. #3439

  • Improvement of Shipper Window in WebUI

    Extends the Shipper Window in WebUI, now also allowing the recording of the GO! Shipper Configuration. #3440

  • Picking Tray Clearing: Action take out and add to LU/ TU

    New Action for Picking Tray Handling Unit removals and automatic adding to an exiting Logistics Unit. #812

  • Transform TU to exiting LU takes too long for Handling Unit Dropdown List

    Performance Improvement of Transformation List Dropdown in HU Editor. #815

  • Include stacktrace when providing the error to frontend

    Now providing the stacktrace from Backend to Frontend. Can be switched on in Frontend config for testing purpose. #817


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Contracts: ContractDocumentNo is 0 all the time

    Fixes the automatic Document No generation in Contracts, now not leaving Document No 0 there anymore. #3022

  • Sales inout Jasper: HU name taken from line

    Fix for the Packing Instruction shown in Sales Inout Document when using manual Packing Material. #3394

  • Can't credit memo a partially paid invoice

    Improvement of the status Handling after reopening Manufacturing Orders. #3402

  • Cache is not invalidated on country change

    Fixes a Bug in Cache Invalidation for Country changes and Pricing. #617

  • Fixes an error in the „CU to existing TU“ action. #801

  • Fixes an error „CU to existing TU“ action, sometime leaving wrong calculates quantities behind. #802

  • Update QtyPicked after picking

    Fixes a Refresh Bug, leaving the Picked Quantities not updates after picking the Product. #810

  • Java Nullpointer Exception in special case with multiple attribute and multi column layout

    Fixes a NPE in multi (>2) Column Layout Windows. #811

  • Added subrow is not shown in the frontend

    Improved response from MSV3 request so that purchase candidate row is shown and user can directly start editing. #1528

  • Date Fields not patched

    Fixes an error with Date Fields, now patching them after changes again. #1538

  • Sales Order window Purchase Order modal overlay broken again

    Fixes the Purchase Order modal overlay functionality in Sales Order. #1543

  • Some fields are not patched after you change them twice

    Fixes the multiple adjustment behavior of Text and numeric fields. now content is patched after each change. #1564

  • Subtab Data not shown when clicked first time

    Fixes a Refresh Bug in Subtab data. Now showing the actual data already when opening the subtab first time. #1566

  • Views: fails when applying a filter without parameters

    Fixes the Filter. Now does not fail when applied without filter criteria. #1570


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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