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This week’s release produced some nice Functionalities. One of them is the new credit limit functionality, that allows to define customer credit limits on various levels. These are checked in Sales Order and Shipment creation. If the credit limit of a customer is not sufficient, the document cannot be completed and the user is informed. Another nice Feature is the new Product Planning Feature that allows to automatically add Distribution configurations to newly imported product master data.

metasfresh 5.44 is now released!
Thanks Contributors, you are great!

Would you like to join us? metasfresh is already one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide and a great place to be. If you have fun working in a team on implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies then you are more than welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Schema for Product Planning Data

    New Feature that allows to define default Product Planning Data. These Schemas are used to ensure the automatic creation of proper distribution orders for newly imported products. #3405

  • Set Selector in M_Product after Product Data Import

    New Selector Feature for Product Import allowing to join new Product Data to Product Planning Schema. #3406

  • New Businesspartner Window for Pharma vertical

    New Business Partner Window in WebUI for Pharma Verticals. #3407

  • New Product Window for Pharma vertical

    New Product Window in WebUI for Pharma Verticals. #3408

  • Credit Limit data structure as subtab in Businesspartner

    New Credit Limit functionality. Now allowing to define Credit Limit per Customer on different levels. #3413

  • Remove M_Storage-based legacy check from MProduct

    Internal housekeeping improvement, getting rid of old storage based checks. #3458

  • Preparation Date Filer as Daterange

    Adjustment for the Preparation Date Filter in Manufacturing Order. Now is a Daterange filter instead of date. #3467

  • Adds the translation for en_EN, de_DE of the “Show all dates” hint in date range filter. #3468

  • Disable Sales Opportunities Window until its permission is configurable

    Hiding the Sales Opportunity Window from default WebUI Menu, as long as in beta. #3471

  • Extend Identifier Transportation Order

    Improving the Transportation Order identifier, now additionally showing Date and Tour. #3487

  • Improvements to Product Price Window

    Improving Product Price Window in WebUI, adding Active indicator and removing Price Matching Order from grid View. #3495

  • Values.valueToJsonObject() shall return JSONNullValue instead of null

    Internal improvement of the Handling of null values in JSON Objects. #818

  • Automated Javascript and React Testing with Jest

    Kickoff of the autmated Testing Framework for metasfresh setup on Jest and Enzyme. #1501

  • Included tabs sorting

    Improvement of the sorting functionality in main and included subtab Grid Views. #1590

  • Copy/ Paste for selected Field in Subtab GridView not giving correct result

    New Feature that allows to mark a Field in Grid View and copy the field content to clipboard. #1593

  • Changes in location not always saved

    Fixes the handling of the location recording. #1598


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Qty TU not correct in purchase invoice jasper

    Fixes the Purchase Invoice document. Now the correct quantity of Handling units is shown again. * [#3477]( Cannot save manufacturing order #3445

  • Cannot save manufacturing order

    Fixes an error in manufacturing order window, now allowing to save the order again. #3477

  • Add to Transportation Order, Ship and Invoice action in Picking Clearing Tray not respecting the invoice schedule

    Fixes the Action for automatic creation of invoices after picking & packing. Now the action is respecting special invoice schedules for the given customer. #806

  • Quantity to invoice override callout

    Fixes a Bug when updating the Quantity to Invoice override. Now the effective quantity is updated again. #807

  • Planning status in manufacturing order not updated

    Fixes an issue in Manufacturing Order, leaving the Planning Status unchanged after processing the order. #829

  • Date Range Filter as Range Filter has initial daterange

    Leaves the Daterange filter now initially empty to that it does not interrupt other filtering. #1546

  • Drop down lists remain displayed when using tab several times (again)

    Fixes a Bug with dropdown lists staying open after tabbing away. #1553

  • Errors in the console when opening HU Editor

    Fixes errors in console that popped up when opening the Handling Unit Editor. #1559

  • Dropdown fields not hidden when creating a new Business Partner

    Fixes the reamining dropdown in Purchase Order when calling the “New Businesspartner” action in context menu. #1558

  • Zoom Into is not working

    Fixes the Zoom-To functionality that allows the user to click on field labels and jump to detail data when available. #1588


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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