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The last week of development was characterized by work on a few new features an a lot of detailed improvements. One of the nice new features is the automatic discount calculation for compensation group in sales order. Long awaited by sales people, now allowing to create discounts on selected orderline groups. Another highlight is the new Best-before action for Handling Units. This action completes our functionality of best-before management capabilities.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Contributors, another amazing job done!
Thanks a lot. 5.46 is out!

Come in and join one of the most active Open Source ERP Projects worldwide and have fun developing implementing complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Best before Date evaluating process/ action

    New action that analyzes the Handling Units on stock and marks them as „Best before“ cases if the best-before-date has reached a time offset. #3430

  • Use correct picking quantities in shipment

    Improvement of shipment document lines generation. Adjusting the base data to fill the picking quantities in shipment. #3503

  • Webui: Pimp DATEV windows

    New Windows for accounting export and export formats in webui. #3513

  • Webui: Pimp Compensation Group Schema window

    New Window for Compensation group maintenance. #3515

  • Price/ Discount Change restrictions Order/ Invoice Pharma

    New feature that allows to restrict user changes on discounts and prices during sales order recording, depending on the configuration in product prices. #3516

  • New Window for Shipment Statistics

    New Window that shows shipment statistics and allows to filter and export as excel file. #3532

  • Webui Window Design: Create window for Picking Config

    New Window for Picking group Configuration. #3534

  • Remove legacy M_Production code

    Internal housekeeping, removing some old/ unused M_Production code. #3537

  • Automatic Group Discount Calculation

    New action in Sales order that allows to group lines and automatic select the appropriate discount depending on quantities and amount breaks. #3555

  • Respect Picking Group Selection in Picking HU Editor

    Improved Handling Unit Filterin in Picking, now also respecting the newly introduces Picking Groups. #3557

  • Picking Terminal: Detailed Picking Issues

    Improvents of some workflow and filtering details (overdelivery allowed, initial quantities calculated and set in picking action, initially retrieving and setting the packing instructions) in the new picking Terminal in WebUI. #820

  • Material Cockpit additional Filter criteria

    New Filter criteria added in the Material Cockpit. #857

  • Preset Product and Qty in Process/ Action Pick CU

    Improved workflow in Pick Customer Unit Action. Now presetting the product and the remaining quantity to pick. #876

  • Extend Attribute / Label Feature to support tab link columns / Foreign Key

    Improvement of the Label Feature, now allowing to link to the subtabs parent link column when set. #870

  • Picking tray Clearing action: Take out and add to new/ existing HU

    New action that allows to take aout multiple Customer Units at once and add them to a new or existing Package Handling Unit. #877

  • Action Parm modal Overlay focus missing n 1st Field

    Improves the behavior of focused List widgets. Now the drop-down list is only opened if the user presses arrow-down. #1554


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Material Receipt candidates serial No - TU-CU case

    Minor fix for the Handling Unit Serial No. distribution in material receipt. Now also working when selecting Transport units and Customer Units together. #3452

  • Workpackage with error for Update Invalid Shipment Schedules

    Internal Housekeeping, solving an issue with a corercase in async workpackage processing. #3520

  • Quickactions not loaded after using barcode/ std. filter in HU editor in Manufacturing Order

    Fixes a Bug that let the Quickactions Buttons disappear after setting filter criteria. #1394

  • Create purchase orders: Date promised format

    Fixes the date/ time format in create puchase orders modal overlay in sales order. #1567

  • Date recording with keys leads to error

    Fixes a Bug that occurred when trying to record a date via keyboard instead of calendar widget. #1585

  • Date Range Picker shows wrong day of the week

    Fixes the shown day of week in date range picker. #1604

  • t_query_selection grows huge when importing products or partners massively

    Improved processing of the Query Selection when doing a Businesspartner or Products Import with large datasets. #856

  • Navigation Menu shown duplicated for Windows not in Menu

    Fixes the Breadcrumb navigation menu for windows that are not included in WebUI menu. Now not showing a duplicated drop-down list anymore. #859

  • Shipment disposition does not update when you complete the order

    Fix for the shipment schedule recompute after sales order complete. Now updated correctly again so the picking terminal is now shown correctly in document reference list again. #860

  • Fix available stock (ATP) display in sales order

    Fixes the available to promise information in sales orderline batch entry. #863

  • Sometimes the error message is in German even if I am logged in with English

    Minor fix for the translation of error messages. In some cases the error messages were shown in the base language instead of the language the user was logged in. #869

  • Error when selecting tabs in bpartner window

    Fixes a cornercase that occurred when seleting included tabs in the businesspartner window in WebUI for records that were recorded via swingUI. #871

  • Don't show passwords in grid view

    Fixes the password fields in Webui Grid View, now showing them obfuscated too, like in main view. #872


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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