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Happy Spring Holidays to all Contributors and users! This week we have launched a few very interesting features for metasfresh.
One Highlight is the new Lot control and lock functionality. It allows to record products and Lot No. that are not allowed to be sold anymore. If such a Lot No. is found in Material Receipt or found in own Warehouse, then it is automatically locked and a Distribution Order is created to move it to Quarantine Warehouse.

Thanks all for your effort!
metasfresh 5.50 is out!

Would you like to help developing an Open Source ERP Software? Then come and join us. You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • WebUI window design: Business Partner Credit Limit

    Improvement of Business Partner Credit Limit Field names and Translations. #3585

  • Replace flags from tax category with a list

    Adjustments on Tax Category that replaces checkboxes with a dropdown list for better maintainability. #3687

  • Lot-No lock & control

    New Feature that allows the control and lock of Lot-No. #3693

  • Material Receipt Candidates Window, add media types for mobile/ tablet

    Mobile Usage Improvement. Adds Mediatypes to Material Receipt Candidates window (Tablet prototype). #3703

  • Implement MSV3 server

    New MSV3 Communication Service – Order and availaibilty check – for German Pharma Industry. #3716

  • Create Request on DD_Order to Quarantine warehouse

    Now also creating a Request in case of Material Movements to Quarantine Warehouse. #3721

  • Allow to run print endpoint as standalone service

    New Printing endpoint that allows the printing to be run as standalone service. #3724

  • Introduce and use AD_OrgInfo.M_WarehousePO_ID

    Default Warehouse for an Organisation to be used when automatically creating Purchase Orders and as initial Warehouse selection. #3738

  • Translation of Distribution Editor Quickaction

    Translation added for the Distribution Editor Quickactions. #3743

  • Add isPrintPrice flag in orderLine

    New flag that allows to manually define if prices shall be printed in a Order document or not. #3749

  • Notify users if msv3-server was not reached

    Improvement of the communication with an MSV3 Server in Sales Order, now letting the user know if a connection failed. #3758

  • HU attributes shall consider M_HU_PI_Attribute.IsDisplayedUI flag

    Now it’s possible to track Attributes in handling Units but to not display them in Handling Unit Editor. #911

  • Add switch for synchronous availiability check

    New configuration swith that allows to switch between sync and async availability checks in MSV3 communication. #913

  • Allow to display only positive ATP values in product lookup

    Improvement of the Availability check result in MSV3 Sales Orderline. Now only showing results with Available to promise > 0. #919

  • Camera Barcode workflow improvements

    Detailed improvements in the Barcode workflow for Tablet usage. #1680

  • Data Entry via barcode scan in Action Parms

    New Functionality for Barcode Scanning in Action Parms. #1681

  • Combine dropdown list of and component

    Improvement of Lookup Widgets and List Components, combined functionality for better maintainability. #1684

  • Detailed adjustments of User Interface for tablet media size

    UI Improvement for Mobile/ Tablet Usage of storage relevant workflows. #1692

  • Dropdown bug in modal windows

    Fixes the refactored Lookup & List widgets behavior. #1706


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • NPE when clicking on picking-slot in swing picking terminal first time

    Minor fix for a Null Pointer exception in Swing Client Picking Terminal. #3698

  • Swing - Bereitstellung POS hangs

    Fixes the Window for Distribution order Handling in Java Swing Client. #3717

  • Jasper: Qty TU in purchase invoice is wrong again

    Fixes the Quantity of transportation units in Purchase Invoice. #3736

  • Toplevel TUs are created as aggregate HUs

    Solves issues in Handling Units that created Toplevel Handling Units as aggregated elements. #3739

  • ZoomTo - exception in console if IsGenericZoomOrigin='N'

    Solves an issue that prevented Document References to be shown. #3746

  • Error in search of Businesspartner

    Fixes the SQL of a virtual column in C_BPartner Table. #3755

  • Scrolling in dropdown fields

    Fixes the behavior of dropdown fields when scrolling through the list. #1605

  • Combined Lookup Widget Layout Glitch

    Fixes a Layout Glitch in combined Lookup Fields. #1641

  • Date range widget needs to support 2018-05-01 to 2019-04-30

    Fixes the date timezone in date widgets. #1649

  • Single Date Field not patched in some cases

    Fix for the patching of date fields when manipulating in mouse and keyboard combination. #1660

  • Pos1 does not jump to page 1 anymore

    Fixes the Home Button in grid View. Now possible to jump to first page in Pagination again. #1663

  • List widgets with focus follow-up

    Fixe for the List widget, now losing the focus indicator again when moving to other field. #1663

  • Barcode Scan leaved Webcam switched on

    Now the Webcam is switched off as soon the Barcode reading process is finished. #1705

  • Dropdown list in grid view does not open with mouse click

    Fixes the behavior of List and Lookup widgets in Subtab Grid View after double click. #1712


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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