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One of the Highlights of this weeks Release is the new Product Banning Functionality, allowing to specify products that shall not be sold to customers/ bought from vendors although they are defined in Product Prices. This detailed Feature is helpful when maintaining global Product Prices but wanting to limit the selling of certain rare products to customers.
Another great new Feature is the Vendor Assessment report, that provides Information about Vendors, Purchase Orders, Quality Issues in Material Receipts and more. This new Report is a very good starting point for Vendor assessments and comparison among all vendors of a company.

Thanks Contributors for your passion!
metasfresh 5.54 is out!

Come in and join the metasfresh community. It’s a great place to be, and we are always looking for people that will help us to even make it better. If you have fun on solving complex business cases but also on leading edge web technologies, then you are right. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat.
We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Window design: product Pharma

    Improved Window Layout and Translation for Product Pharma. #3478

  • Window design: Business Partner Pharma

    Improved Window Layout and Translation for Business Partner Pharma. #3479

  • Contracts: Create a function that provides a hierarchy of contracts

    New function that allows to retrieve the hierarchy of created contracts. #3763

  • Excel Report for vendor assessment

    New Excel Report that allows the assessment of vendors. #3768

  • Show available to promise in Procurement Dispo modal in Sales Order

    Improvement of the Procurement Dispo modal overlay, now showing the Available to Promise Quantity. #3777

  • Support SSL / TLS when sending mails via SMTP making it SMTPS

    Improved Mail handling, now allowing the support of SSL/ TLS Handshakes when sending emails. #3827

  • Check if Product is banned in Batch entry/ Document Lines creation

    New Functionality in Sales and Purchase Order. It’s now possible to put Products on Ban Lists for customers and vendors. Although the products remain on general Product Price Lists, the products are then prohibited to be recorded. The user gets informed why the product is banned for a specific Business Partner. #3834

  • WebUI: Translation for Product LotNo Lock Window

    Improved Window Layout and additional Translations for de_DE and en_US. #3866

  • Performance problem on reactivating large shipment

    Performance Improvement on reactivation of large shipment documents. #3873

  • Automatic Setting of Pharma Authorisation for Shipment/ Receipt

    New Functionality in Business Partner Pharma window, now settign the Shipment and Receipt Authorisation automatically as soon as the recording of different Permission Types have been done. #3887

  • Pharma Business Partner Window adjustments

    Extended Business Partner Window for Pharma verticals. New Fields that describe the Pharma Trading Permissions of customers and vendors. #3888

  • Role Permission for Pharma Permission and Authorization changes

    New Functionality for Pharma Business Partner that allows to restrict the actions for permission adjustments to specific users and roles. #3890

  • Contracts: Allow possibility to copy the prices when extending

    Improvement of contracts extending, now allowing to copy the prices from the source/ initial contract. #3892

  • Extend M_HU_Process

    New Feature that decouples actions in M_HU_Processn from the presentation in Action menu. Now allowing to hide actions in menu. #3895

  • Add Translations for Pharma Business Partner Window

    New Translations for de_DE and en_US added to Business Partner Pharma Window. #3897

  • Now the Pharma Customer Server is available in metasfresh-docker for MSV3 Communication. #34


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Error in BOM Lines for Packaging Component Type and Variant Groups

    Fixes the error when defining Packaging Component Variants in BOM Lines. #3797

  • Credit Limit: Prioritize by date and then seq No from Credit Limit type

    Improved priotization of Credit Limit Configuration Lines. #3859

  • StockChangedEvent can't be serialized

    Internal Housekeeping. Now allowing the serialization of the StockChangeEvent. #3861

  • Missing migration of C_BPartner_Stats.SOCreditStatus on some systems

    Fixes a Bug around missing Migrations of the Credit Status. #3863

  • C_FlatrateTerm.C_Currency is not forwarded when a flatrateTerm is extended

    Fixes a Bug in Flatrate Term extension, now forwarding the Currency too. #3864

  • Different issues around invoice candidate updating

    Fixes various issues in invoice candidate recompute/ update process. #3864

  • Different issues around invoice candidate updating

    Fixes various issues in invoice candidate recompute/ update process. #3876

  • Cannot import products

    Bugfix for the failing product impiort because of a missing isDefault column in Tax Category. #3883

  • Process C_Flatrate_Term_Extend does not work if ContractStatus is null

    Fixes a Bug in the Flatrate term extension process when Contract Status is null. #3885

  • NPE on sales order complete

    Fixes a Null Pointer Exception in Sales Order complete Document Action. #3894


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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