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In this week’s Release we implemented further functionalities for the Pharma industry, such as the new Repack attribute feature and an individual Window for Pricing-/ Discount conditions. Further we have a new Shipper Implementation for “Der Kurier” in metasfresh.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort!
metasfresh 5.56 is out!

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We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Webui Window Design: Improve window Table and Column

    New Window for Table and columns in WebUI. #3312

  • Add process for creating missing M_Product_acct records to WebUI

    New Action added to Product Catregory window, allowing to copy Acctounting Setting to all Products of a Product Category. #3812

  • Implement support for `der Kurier` shipper

    New Logistic Provider Implementation of “Der Kurier”. #3926

  • Translate Actions Update Pharma Conditions

    New Translations for Pharma Condition Parms in Updatte Pharma Permissions Action for de_DE, en_US. #3965

  • Translate Process Parm in Update Pharma Conditions for Customers

    Improved Translations for Action Parms. Languages de_DE, en_US. #3967

  • Pharma: If Shipment Auth Type B then show in Order Header

    New Feature in Sales Order, now showing The Shipment Auth Type if it’s Type B. #3969

  • Manufacturing Workflow adjustments in WebUI

    Improved Manufacturing Workflow Window in WebUI. #3973

  • Pharma vertical for Discount Schema Window

    New Window for Discount Schema for Pharma verticals. #3982

  • Pharma: repack number attributes

    New Functionality for Pharma Verticals, allowing to define the need of recording repack No in Material Receipt. #3989

  • Shorten the ViewIds

    New Feature for WebUI that shortens the View IDs. #952

  • Allow configuring lookup cache reset on table record changes

    Improved cache resetting. Now it’s able to configure the caching behavior for lookups on table record changes. #954

  • Harmonize List widget Icon Look&Feel when not empty

    Improved Look&Feel of List Widgets, now showing only 1 icon depending on field state. #1772


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • All existing configs available in Gebindekonfiguration in PP_Order

    Fixes the available Picking Instructions in manufacturing Order. Now only showing those which fit for the selected Product. #2558

  • QtyPicked not updated in shipment schedule after reactivate & unpick in picking terminal

    Fixes the Quantity Picked amount after reactivating and unpicking in Picking Terminal. #3916

  • New Manufacturing Workflow not saved

    Adds missing Field to Manufacturing Workflow View in WebUI, allowing to save a workflow record again. #3971

  • Pharma: Prices from IFA import are in cents

    Fixes the Import Format for the IFA Pharma Product Import. #3977

  • Invoice candidate for canceled term and reactivated sales order keeps invalidating itself

    Fixes an infinite loop of recomputes of invoice canidates for cancelled flatrate terms after reactivating sales orders. #3984

  • NPE in FlatrateBL.extendContract()

    Fixes a Null Pointer Exception in Flatrate term contract handling. #4022

  • NPE when opening Manufacturing Issue/Receipt

    Fixes a Null Pointer Exception when opening a Manufacturing Issue or Receipt. #959

  • Shortcuts for Clone & Letter not working

    Fixes the not working shortcuts for letter and clone. #1410

  • Letter modal throws errors

    Fixes the modal Letter view. #1767

  • Cloning document throws error

    Fixes an error that appeared when starting the clone Action via keyboard shortcut instead of mouse. #1768

  • Date Field Content not aligned 1px

    Improved alignment of Date and Date-Time Field Content. #1771


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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