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This week we solved a mix of different issues. Some were focussed on improving the translation maintenance windows in WebUI, others were addressing detail requirements in WebUI Frontend.
Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

metasfresh 5.61 is out!
Thanks to all our Contributors.

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We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Translate for order, inout, invoice

    Improvement of report properties Translations for en_US language #2539

  • Customer Revenue Report Excel with Credit Limit

    New Customer Revenue Report as Excel Sheet Download. #4107

  • WebUI: Translation Window for Currencies

    New Window in WebUI that allows to maintain the Currency Translations. #4141

  • WebUI: Translation Window for Document Types

    New Window in WebUI that allows to maintain the Document Type Translations. #4142

  • WebUI: Translation Window for Messages

    New Window in WebUI that allows to maintain the message Translations. #4143

  • Import: extend process of importing vendors

    Improved Vendor importing action, allowing to import a lot of additional information for a vendor. #4151

  • Process C_Flatrate_Term_Extend shall continue if individual terms fail

    Improved Flatrate Term extension Action, now proceeding the process even if individual Terms fail. #4167

  • Pricing Conditions Jasper

    New Report that shows the recorded Pricing Conditions per Customer/ Vendor. #4169

  • Translations for Purchase Dispo modal Overlay Fields

    Field Translations added for Purchase Dispo modal overlay in Sales Order and Purchase Candidates. #4173

  • Pricing Conditions Cockpit Translations in Material Cockpit

    Improving Translations for en_US and de_DE for Pricing Conditions Actions. #4178


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Lot No control in Receipt not working

    Fixes the Lot No. control in Receipt. #4012

  • Error when posting payment allocation with tax correction and multiple taxes

    Bugfix for the payment allocation posting, when having a tax correction with multiple taxes. #4168

  • Cannot add a product in order

    Bugfix for the product batcentry in webui, not allowing to add a product in minor cases. #4191

  • User query: IUserQueryRestriction is not built properly all the time

    Fix for the User Query Restriction. #4149

  • Labels widget: tab and shift-tab support

    Improves the usage of Tab and shift-tab for Label widgets. #1266

  • Reload /i18n/messages in case the language changed

    Improving the language loading of static messages for users with different language than default. #1616

  • Label component doesn't hide after clicking tab

    Improvement of Tab behavior in label widget when dropdown list is openend. Now closing the Dropdown. #1617

  • Shortcuts for inbox, menu and sidelist

    Improvement of Shortcuts for inbox, menu and sidelist. Now hiding the menus after 2nd usage of shortcut. #1808

  • Make sure frontend is connecting to view's websocket endpoint BEFORE view data it's

    Fix for the connection to the websocket endpoint. #1820

  • Truncate action names with ellipsis

    Fixes the Layout for Quickaction Buttons with large content. #1828

  • Empty login page after logout

    Fixes the empty page after logout. Now showing the login screen again. #1830

  • Labels widget: pressing enter

    Improvement of the Pre-Selection of Label Widget Dropdown after Label selection. #1832


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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