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The highlight in this week’s Release is the new Functionality to calculate the vendor Purchase Order date from customer promised date, vendor lead time and non business days. This allows the purchaser to aggregate items for ordering to the latest possible time.

Another great improvement is done to Document Outbound, allowing more transparency when sending mass document email to Business Partner Users.

Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort!
metasfresh 5.22 is now out!

Would you like to join us? You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat. We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • IFA Product Fields in Pharma Product readonly

    Improvement of Pharma vertical in Product masterdata, now showing the fields readonly that are set by IFA Product Import. #4217

  • Import Datev Primanota for Payments, Allocations

    New Import Feature for the German accounting Software DATEV. It’s possible to import DATEV Primanota Payments now. #4219

  • Lot No. Control without mandatory Product ID

    Improvement of the Lot No. Control Feature, now possible to record Lot No. without Mandatory Product ID. This allows to use the Feature also with Pharma Repack No. #4220

  • Invoice Document Outbound eMail enqueing

    Improvement of the Mail enqueueing process via Document Outbound Window. #4285

  • Zoom from sales order to material dispo should open all referencing records

    Improvement of the referenced Documents Link from Sales Order to material Disposition. #4308

  • Purchase schedules date: consider vendor lead time and non business days

    New Feature for Purchase Candidate Calculation. Th Purchase Schedule Dates are now calculates based on vendor lead time and non business days. #4311

  • Split the current M_ShipmentSchedule_Update async queue processor

    Performance Improvement for Shipment Schedules creation. #4318

  • Improve mass print oversight

    Improved maintenance functionality for printing, making it much easier to support printing issue cases. #4320

  • REST API for creating sales orders and attaching files to them

    New Endpoint for sales order creation and endpoint for file attachments so sales orders. #4340

  • Readonly next and previous page buttons

    Pagination Improvement. Now deactivating previous/ next buttons in pagination on fist/ last page. #1857

  • Provide standalone metasfresh-dist-report docker image

    New Standalone docker image for distribution reports. #47

  • Provide standalone metasfresh-webui-frontend k8s dev deployment

    New Standalone docker image for kubernetes webui frontend. #48


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Reactivated and completed sales order is considered as new sales order in Material Dispo

    Fixes the Material Dispo entry creation after reactivating and completing sales Orders. #4271

  • HU Editor in picking terminal shows all HUs: not filtered for product, and HUs with status: Shipped

    Fixes the Filtering in the Handling Unit Editor of Picking Terminal. Now only showing Handling Units that fit to the selected Product. #4276

  • Document Outbound eMail action

    Fixes the Document Outbound eMail Action. #4284

  • Reversed material receipt not considered correctly in Material Cockpit

    Bugfix for the Material Receipt reversal Handling in Material Cockpit. #4307

  • metasfresh-app server startup stalls if no activeMQ broker is available

    Fixes the startup of App Server in cases n activeMQ broker is not available. #4314

  • ATP in batch entry is wrong after attributes are added

    Fixes the Available to Pomise Quantity after adding attribute values to a Handling Unit. #4342

  • Error when creating a bpartner on the fly and not setting a name

    Bugfix for the Business Partner creation via Sales Order window. #4349

  • Advanced Edit shortcut not working correctly

    Improvement of the Handling of shortcuts. #1467

  • Initial Setup Wizard window's layout is distorted

    Fixes the Layout of the Initial Setup Wizard #1850

  • Moving to next page in modal removes filters

    Fixes the Pagination behavior in modal overlays. #1858


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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