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This weeks release has a few very nice new Features.
One of them is the new Generic SQL Process/ Action that can be used to easily define reports via SQL and add to a window or menu entry. The user receives an Excel File with the report results when started.
Another great feuntionality is the new QR Barcode scanning possibility in WebUI. This allows to do robust and fast scans of Barcodes in WebUI now.
Further on we have implemented a nice Tooltip Support for WebUI. This allows to ad Notes to records reach these via Tooltip Icon in WebUI. The Tooltip is shown in the record widget.

Thanks to all contributors for your participation.

Thanks all for your effort! metasfresh 5.77 is out now!

Would you like to join us? You are welcome. Meet us in our forum or in our Gitter Chat. We are looking forward to meet you!


We have finished a few new Features for this week’s release.

  • Automatic Lot No. Handling into Quarantine Warehouse

    New Quarantine Handling Feature in Material Receipt. #4567

  • HUEditor-Tweaks

    Adjustments to the Handling Unit Editor window. #4609

  • Split material dispo for M_Transaction with different attributes

    Improvement of the ATP Calculation for Transactions that were not fulfilled same as planned. #4628

  • Generic Process for SQL -> Excel Export

    New Feature that allows to create SQL Actions and add them to WebUI Menu or Windows for Excel Export. #4633

  • Support attachments being linked to multiple records

    New Functionality that allows to add attachments references to multiple records. #4636

  • Option to remove M_Product_Category_ID from Material Cockpit

    New Option for Material Cockpit that allows to remove the Product Category in grid and main View. #4640

  • Rename and extend AD_MigrationScript helper function

    Switching off the new Business Partner Full Text Search by default. #4646

  • BPartners FTS shall not be active by default

    Switching off the new Business Partner Full Text Search by default. #4649

  • Configurable Mailtext for Documents in DocOutbound

    New Feature that allows to configure Mailtexts for Outbound Documents. #4659

  • Global QR Code Actions support

    New Barcode Feature that allows to Scan a QR Barcode in WebUI via Webcam now. #1063

  • Don't show KPIs if the ElasticSearch system is disabled

    New Configuration feature that allows to hide the KPI’s on main Dashboard if Elastic Search service is not enabled. #1066

  • Advanced tooltip support

    New Feature that allows to show advanced tooltips in WebUI frontend. #1952

  • Get rid of GET plugins.js 404 Not Found console error

    Eliminating the error in console log for missing plugins.js. #1955

  • Use user language for messages and errors in Forgot Password feature (frontend)

    Improvement of User Messages translation in Forgot Password workflow. #1958

  • Support active indication for filters without parameters

    Extended functionality for the new Filter Features. Here improving Filter behavior for Filters with undisplayed filter parms. #1972

  • GitHub report about security vulnerability in twbs / bootstrap

    GitHub report about security vulnerability in twbs / bootstrap #1975

  • Make actions cypress friendly

    Improvement of Cypress Testing in metasfresh WebUI. #1978

  • Make composite widget fields cypress friendly

    Improvement of Cypress Testing in metasfresh WebUI. #1981

  • Height of date fields is off

    Fixing the height of Date Fields. #1983

  • Make tooltip icons always visible

    Showing the Lookup Fields Tooltips now also when the Field is readonly. #1983

  • Adjustments to tooltip widget

    Layout Improvements for the new Tooltip widget. #1987

  • QR code support

    New Feature that allows to scan QR Codes now. #1990

  • Process execution result action: render QR code

    New Feature in WebUI that allows to scan QR Barcodes. #1990


We have got rid of the following Bugs in this Release.

  • Open Items List Reference Date wrong parm

    Fix for the Open Items Reference Date Parm, now able to select to Open Items to a specific date again. #4625

  • Swing Picking Terminal: cannot pick

    Bugfix for a minor case in Picking Workflow. #4632

  • Clone Quotation, switch Sales Order. Wrong Document No

    Improvement of the Sales Order Clone Feature. Now switching the Document No Sequence if Doctype is changed. #4644

  • Elasticsearch shall use slf4j instead of log4j (again)

    Improvement of the Elasticsearch logging. Switched to another logger. #4650

  • AD_Message cache in Msg not invalidated on data change

    Cache Invalidation Improvement for WebUI. #4658

  • Dunning jasper uses untranslated _trl records

    Fixed the Translation prossibility of Jasper Dunning Documents. #4658

  • Allow parent-link relation to be set in AD_Tab

    Application Dictionary improvement, now allowing parent link relations to be set in Tab Configuration. #1060

  • GitHub report about security vulnerability in twbs / bootstrap

    Fixes a Vulnerability Report about bootstrap. #1992

  • Date Icon moved few pixels to left for mandatory

    Alignment improvement for Calendar Icons in mandatory Date Fields. #1993

  • Cypress Test: Manufacturing Order Test fails

    Bugfix for failing Manufacturing Order Test with Cypress. #1995

  • Open view process action shall support profileId (frontend)

    Fix in WebUI Frontend when opening a View. Now the ProfileID is used when opening a View. #1998

  • Modal view shall query the quick actions initially

    Bugfix when opening Modal Views initially. Now the Quick Actions are queried too. #1998


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP! Then check out our fast evolving Documentation. You can find it here:

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