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metasfresh ERP Release 5.139 - Octopus

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Ahoy, matey! While the carnival season captured most of the world’s attention this past week, momentarily turning it away from the fear-fanning coronavirus sensation, we dove all the way down into the depths of our source code and let our open source tentacles go to work.
And today, like a volcano erupting from the ocean blue we want to spread our fertile soil for you to grow your own personal ERP system upon it. This week’s release is loaded with lots of new features and fixes to enhance your user experience with metasfresh.

First off, we made some minor layout adjustments to the customs invoice document and we created new Jasper reports which consequently also required us to adjust the timeout for larger reports to run successfully. Within the WebUI we added the cloning feature to both the transportation order and material tracking window, and we also included a user confirmation dialogue when voiding documents to avoid involuntary deletions. Moreover packing instructions are now supported when entering invoice lines and we implemented the functionality to switch the area search filter on and off as needed.
Other adjustments and additions include a new export process summing up the number of invoices per organization, a functional IBAN structure for bank accounts in Denmark, and the extension of our price promotion feature to also apply based on pricing systems.

With all these updates filling up this week’s treasure chest to the brim, there was no room left for mischievous bugs to hide in dark corners in the attempt to taint these sparkling gems, rendering them defenseless at the mercy of the sea. So we released the Kraken upon them who entangled them with its wiggling, unfurling arms and dragged them down to the abyss to sleep with the fishes where they would be warm below the storm in their little hideaway beneath the waves, resting their heads on the seabed in an octopus’s garden in the shade.
For more information about this week’s features and fixes, take a look through the list below and don’t forget to check out our documentation pages in our WebUI manual!

Thanks to all Contributors. Our metasfresh Release 5.139 is ready and out!

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Features & Fixes

We have finished the following list of Features and Fixes for this week’s Release:


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP? Then check out our fast evolving Documentation! You can find it right here:

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