metasfresh and ecosio – A Partnership for Automated and Optimized B2B Corporate Communication

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Reliable all-round carefree data exchange through mutual support: A successful cooperation now turns into an official partnership from which customers will benefit the most.

metas GmbH, provider and developer of the license-free digital business solution metasfresh ERP, enters into a cooperation partnership with ecosio InterCom GmbH from Munich for mutual support in electronic data interchange (EDI). Together, the partners want to help their customers automate their inter-company communication and thus maximize efficiency along the supply chain.

By joining forces with ecosio, leading provider in the field of B2B integration, both metasfresh users and their business partners will benefit from automated communication along entire supply chains in a wide range of industries. As a specialist in electronic data interchange (EDI), Web EDI, supplier portals and e-invoicing, ecosio accelerates B2B business processes and enables companies to leverage all the benefits of automated document exchange with minimal internal effort.

metas GmbH opted for the partnership with ecosio for their exceedingly reliable fulfillment of tasks as a clearing center in the exchange and conversion of data and because they take proactive actions within their area of responsibility. Also the implementation of new connections runs smoothly and is completed within the shortest possible time. metas GmbH welcomes this flexibility, because for metasfresh ERP this means that all existing data formats can be transmitted without further modification and are then processed autonomously and reliably by ecosio.

Through a single, cloud-based connection to the ecosio Integration Hub, metasfresh ERP is seamlessly connected to ecosio’s Fully Managed EDI solution, providing a future-proof and carefree B2B integration that is meticulously tailored to the customers’ and their B2B partners’ needs.

Our ecosio integration enables companies of all sizes and industries to optimize their business processes — and do so continuously. This is thanks to the fact that, just like with metas GmbH, the products of ecosio grow with customer requirements, remain user-friendly, are always state of the art and enable reliable data exchange as all-round carefree packages.

ecosio and metasfresh ERP are practically designed for each other which is why metas GmbH is even more pleased about the cooperation partnership.

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