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metasfresh ERP Release 5.155 - Rat, Rattus norvegicus

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The season of the edible dormouse has returned to the northern hemisphere seemingly decreasing the pace of everything due to the change of weather, temperature drops and shorter days resulting in more limited options for outdoor activities, not least also affected by the cough and cold waves traveling through our realms. But as always there’s a positive side to everything so let’s seize this opportunity and heat up the stove, bundle up into a nice warm blanket and sip a hot cuppa joe to defy the cold.

And while you’re doing that, we continue working on metasfresh ERP, fixing bugs and adding new features to the system for you to use free of charge. Find out more about this week’s release in the list below and enjoy the new update while it lasts because a new one is already on the way.

Thanks to all Contributors. Our metasfresh Release 5.154 is ready and out!

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Features & Fixes

We have finished the following list of Features and Fixes for this week’s Release:


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP? Then check out our fast evolving documentation! You can find it right here:

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