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metasfresh ERP Release 5.174 -

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Knock, knock! — Who’s there? — Hoo. — Hoo who? — Hoo whom you gonna call if there’s something strange in your livelihood, or if there’s something weird and it don’t look good. If your business is starting to get haunted by your legacy business management system that had originally matched perfectly with your company’s status quo, but over time reached its limitations due to its non-expandable nature forcing the user to adapt to the software rather than the other way around — then it’s time you picked up the phone and called us here at metasfresh.

Because we know how scary and nerve-racking it can be to be stuck in one place knowing you could shoot for the moon because your business idea is solid and could bring so much added value to people all over the world, but from a technical standpoint your hands are tied. If only there was a way to leverage your entire business data trapped within the depths of your old software application. Well, this is where we jump in. With our agile implementation procedure for metasfresh ERP we enable you to migrate, reorganize and amalgamate your legacy data in a transparent and comprehensible way so that in no time flat your longstanding master data is honed and polished and ready to flow back into your business processes that, all the while, were able to keep on running uninterruptedly thanks to the out-of-the-box usability and accessibility of metasfresh ERP.

And if that’s not enough, unlike your old system, metasfresh ERP can be adapted to your individual needs and still remains updatable and scalable, always giving you the possibility to adjust your business to internal modifications, technological innovations and market changes without ever again having to experience this sense of entrapment — instead you are as free as a bird, as free as open source can be! Now, isn’t that a hoot? Go ahead and check it out for yourself in a free trial or download and install the latest version of metasfresh ERP on your machine and enjoy your newly attained freedom and independence. We can assure you that managing your business has never been this easy!

Thanks to all Contributors. Our metasfresh Release 5.174 is ready and out!

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Features & Fixes

We have finished the following list of Features and Fixes for this week’s Release:


Do you want to learn more about the functionalities of metasfresh ERP? Then check out our fast evolving documentation! You can find it right here:

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Technical Writer and Documentation Editor at metas GmbH.

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